Are these two firmware versions the same?

I just upgraded to 2.4.3 and am not to keen to the sound. Plus it seemed to add some slight pops and ticks???

Anyhow, I want to now go back to my older firmware that I was happy enough with and not having any weird issues. But I can’t get my SD card that had the old firmware to initialize the loading process now after the upgrade.

I am not exactly sure what version it is, so I was seeking some expert opinions on these things.

My old firmware had the follwoing files on the card:







Is this the same as the 2.02 on the download page? I see that 2.0.2 file has the following in it:







Are these the same versions?

Or I can I do something to get my old SD card to boot?


You were previously using 2.2.0, not 2.0.2. So no, they are not the same. :slight_smile:

As an aside, the Coverart file is created by the PWD and is were its stores . . . wait for it . . . cover art.

To go back to the old version, remove all files from the DC card. Put only the files for the desired firmware on the card.

Do you have the files that you need?

Thanks Elk for responding.
I have multiple SD cards, so my old one still has the files on it listed above (didn't re-format it).

My problem is that that old card is now not initializing the firmware update to go back to its files.

Do you know why this would be?

I suggest you turn off and then unplug the PWD.

Take the existing SD card out of the unit.

Put the new one in (shiny contacts face up).

Plug back in and turn on.

Hopefully this will load the different firmware.

If not, I suggest trying other firmware as an in between step. There are times when the PWD does not want to go from one firmware to a particular other firmware. There are others better at remembering the specifics of quirks like this.