REL HT vs T series subs for stereo

This is meant to run with Maggies, is there a difference in running to T-series REL subs over the HT series? Specifically the T7i vs the HT/1003.

If music is primary or majority usage and you need subtle bass then definitely the T series. If you need a lot of slam then the HT series is the way to go.

If you can manage the SHO series, the are absolutely incredible for music.

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Check out this page for a written description of the Ti vs. HT series.

Go to this page to find out which model REL recommends for your Maggies.

Here you choose your speaker brand and model, primary use and room size. Not all brands and models are listed here, but for Magnepan your choices are MMG, .7I, 1.7I, 3.7I and 20.7.

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Very cool, thanks!, it recommended the T7i.

For what it’s worth, I just purchased a stereo pair of T7is. They integrate with my KEF Reference 1s great. Nice physical size for my situation as well. Very happy with them!

My theory is that REL wanted to create a budget line and have gone to great lengths to protect their music line of subs. But I saw an Ask Paul video in which someone asked if there’s a difference between HT and music subs. Paul said that as long as it’s a good sub, it ought not to matter.

I don’t think REL is capable of making a bad sub. The HT line uses lesser materials and doesn’t have the neutrik connector, but are otherwise very good subs for music or HT. So it comes down to specs and budget. You get way more spec power for the dollar with the HT line. And that’s something to consider.

I have the HT/1003 that’s mostly used for music. The specs were similar to the T/9i costing way more. I’m sure the 9i is a better sub, but the 1003 fit my budget and sounds great. Bass is well suited for music.

The HT series is worth an audition.

thought I would share my experience with these for anyone that might view this thread in the future.

I first tried a t5i with my LS50’s and it was a bit too small. Then tried a t7i and found it to be a great match. I then purchased some more LS50’s for another system in my home and gave the HT1003 a try and while it was excellent for home theatre, it didn’t have the magic for music which I would attribute to the inability to connect directly to the amp (rca only) and the build was clearly different…lighter box and class d vs class a/b on the T series. Again, HT is great for home theatre but T is clearly better for music in my opinion. One other option that REL mentioned that I thought was interesting was a dual setup with T series on one side for music and then connect an HT on the other side for home theatre.

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In regards to the high level vs low level input, this video from REL suggests that with some adjustments, can get 95% of the high level performance when using the low level connection… They specifically use the LS50’s in the video…

REL Video

I have a T/9i with Maggie 1.7i’s. I think it’s a magical combination. Even with a single sub, there is an illusion of bass extension down below 30Hz from the planars themselves. I couldn’t justify a subwoofer investment equal to the cost of the speakers themselves, so I stopped at a single sub. The stellar M700 drives the 1.7i wonderfully, btw.

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