Rel Line Array Subs

OK a few of you asked for my review of the Rel S/510 Six Pack/Line Array. So here is my take on them. Now to start, I have only been listening to the full Six Pack for a little over a week. But it has been a fun and not so fun week. My setup is for music only.

Now if your goal is to add low bass, purchase 1 or 2 subs and stop there. Having 2 subs in my setup gives me more bass than I can take. My first 2 subs crossover are set to approx. 40 Hz. When I initially only had 2 subs, I had the output set higher to give me the bass I was looking for. I utilized the videos on Rel’s site as guidance on how to set things up. I ended up having the subs along the back wall and not in the corners behind the speakers. They seem to react with my room better in this location.

Adding the second set of subs (#3 and #4) gave me added mid bass dynamics, impact, and weight. For example, when I listen to a singer, their notes have more body. Kind of like I am feeling the singer’s chest cavity. Or when I listen to an acoustic guitar, you know it is an acoustic guitar! I have these 2 subs crossover set to approx. 50 Hz or so. I also turned the output of the subs down.

Now adding the final subs (#5 and #6) made my system “open up”. It seems like I have a better sense of space and ambiance. Impact and dynamics get taken up a notch as well. I have the final 2 subs crossover set to approx. 60 Hz. I also adjusted all of the subs output down. The final output of the 6 subs is close to the output level when I only had 2 subs.

I will say one of the advantages of the Rel subs is the fact that you can independently adjust each sub. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to dial the system to your listening style. Now this can also be a problem. A few times I had the bass output set very low and it made my midrange way too forward. The best advice I can give, is to take pictures of your settings as you make adjustments. Makes it easy to get back to your starting point if needed.

I’m using Analysis Plus Rel cables for all connections.

Unfortunately, I don’t own all of these subs :frowning_face: . They will have to be returned soon. I will say without a doubt I am a believer in Rel’s Six-Pack. It has taken my system to a new level. For me having vertical subs is the way to go.


I’m doing pretty much the same thing albeit on a much cheaper scale with a pair of KEF 105/3’s with only the Coupled Cavity Bass sections connected via miniDSP which feeds a 1000@4Ω ICE Amplifier that’s tunable (from my sweet spot) LPF Crossover and mimicking the original KEF KUBE EQ depending on what Speakers I have connected.

Currently using a 60Hz L-R 48dB/Occtave LPF which integrated beautifully with a pair of LS5 Meta’s and currently Triangle Borea BR03’s.

Thanks for the impressions, sounds like the setup delivers the hype, do you happen to have any frequency measurements of the line array in various stages (1/2, 3/4, and finally 5/6).

Was there any time when you my feel that the bass is too overwhelming? Or bloated? That’s my concern with the setup, too much of a good thing.


Sorry I don’t have any measurements. I did everything via mine and my wife ears. That is a good idea though.

No I never felt the bass was bloated or overwhelming. Mainly because I made sure to reduce the output. Now I can easily see how you could over do it on the bass. I probably spent the most time setting up the first pair of subs to make sure they didn’t overload the room.

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Now I wish the Rel S line had this function. It would be nice to be able to tune from the listening position. I had a pair of SVS subs a while back and having the ability to adjust them via my phone was pretty cool.

Im doing this with 4 SVS SB16 subs. Having the app on the SVS makes it easy to blend all of them. I use REW software for measurements. It really makes a difference with 2 subs up front and 2 in the back of the room.

Very sexy. :slight_smile: what are your mains - I missed that. Also how big is your room?