REL Neutrik SpeakOn cable - worth upgrading?

I’ve read in another thread that some REL owners have upgraded their stock Neutrik SpeakOn cable, to Bassline Blue or the like. However, I could find whether it was worth it. Did the investment significantly improve the SQ?

For anyone who has upgraded, can you share your experience? I’m asking since I own dual S5’s and am contemplating upgrading the cable. Also, I’ve found other companies who sell their own Neutrik Speakon cable If anyone has comments on those alternatives too (like Morrow Audio) that would be appreciated.


I feel like all cables it makes a nice difference. However the Blue is too much money. For that much you could get a better cable made.

With my REL subs I use Analysis Plus REL Subwoofer Cable. I have been very pleased with them.

Audio Advisor sells them:

Also if you look on eBay you will see tons of different REL cables for sale as various prices.

I have a pair of REL SHO/3s and upgraded the cables with Kimber Kable Speakon, also from Audio Advisor. No regrets. For such musical, well designed and gorgeous subs, I thought the OEM cables were lacking. I bought a pair of 4M cables so I could keep the original 10M cables in tact.

Had I known at the time, I would have bought these from Signal Cable. And I still may as I like Frank’s wire and he is super nice and knowledgeable.

I thought the upgrade to bassline blue was a significant upgrade over stock and well worth the money. To put it in context, I run Cardas Clear for the rest of the system so the bassline blue seemed relatively affordable.

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Many speaker companies make (or will make on request) a subwoofer speaker cable with Neutrick connector for RELs. Just look around. And usually less costly than baseline blue.

I have two. One from Audio Art and one from Signal. The Audio Art is about twice as much (but still less than price of baseline blue) but is better constructed, better connector.

On the list of cable importance, sub power cable and sub speaker cable are much lower than power cables and speaker cables to amps and sources. IMO. YMMV.

For the price of some of these cables, I would go with wireless instead. Definitely look into their latest wireless offering.

Falling-leaves definitely has a point, aftermarket replacement cables for REL’s can get pretty expensive and one wonders about the value relative to cost of some of the priciest versions. I’ve never heard REL’s wireless transmitters myself, but all reviews I’ve read say they have no loss of audio quality. That said, I wonder if reviewers are comparing the wireless transmitters to upgraded cables or the stock cable? There’s no doubt the stock cable is constructed from cheap wiring and connectors. I had an extra 20’ of DH Labs Q-10 Signature bulk cable so I made up my own replacement set of cables with better connectors and it was well worth the time and effort. It definitely improved the sound quality of my pair of S/3 SHO’s (but not to the degree that full range speaker cable upgrades would.)

Thank you for all the great feedback and comments! I am a believer that cables can have a dramatic impact on SQ. I will definitely check out some of your recommendations with different REL cables.

We all have different systems, configurations, room acoustics, ears, and of course budgets. IMO it ends up being a very personal choice anyways. Is the cost/investment worth the sound improvement?

For what it’s worth, I use both wireless and standard connections to my RELs. Longbow for my right REL since it is so far away, standard for my left REL. I have a really difficult room with tough acoustics, and can’t place the RELs where they should be. (I have an awesome wife, but she has her limits). Anyways, the wireless works flawlessly and over all I’m pretty happy with my system. But, it’s time to start tweaking again, which is the reason for the post.

I have Analysis Plus custom made cables for my REL subs. I believe they were less than $600 each for the two subs. I like what I hear after swapping out the stock cables. I actually would do it again in a heartbeat.