Relay dying, no DirectStream :-(


All of a sudden, a little bit ago, my DSD (built from a kit last May) started clicking. When I went over, the logo in the upper left of the front panel and the display were both blinking on and off.

I can stream continuously to it via the Bridge but I only get analog output when the display is on.

Something is unhappy / some relay is dying. Anyone else seen this?

Guess my DirectStream is going back to Boulder…


I haven’t heard of this before. Troubling. Did you use the anti-static wrist strap (properly grounded) throughout the assembly of the kit?


Same thing happened to me.

PS installed a new display module.


re:wrist strap,

Yup, certainly did. I have a lengthy post about the kit rebuild, you can see it elsewhere in the forum. Been working fine since then, until earlier today.

Tony, thanks for the info. 103_gif


Read the forum topic that Tony posted, those are my exact symptoms. Unit is going home to Boulder when I get back from a trip.


Sorry, misidentified the helpful poster, thanks, st50maint. 103_gif


By the way, this did turn out to be a problem with the display module, which was replaced under warranty. Had a bit of a scare when the unit got to Boulder as it started acting all normal. It took a day or so of being on continuously before it started acting up.