Tiny problem left channel connection after switching cable (tight fit) SOLVED

Switched cables and new cables are a tight fit. I heard a tick (non elektric) when putting in the left channel cable. Result no sound. Pulled out the cable form the left channel and was a bit amazed that the outer part of the connection (PS Audio) came with it including a white plastic thingy (isolation for the male part of the cable).

Pressed everything back on the DAC and pushed the cable gently in again. Result sound :wink: But i’m not sure wether i have to replace the connection. Sounds oke but…

Is there anybody who had the same problem and if so what did you do about it?

Is the part that came of pressed on the connection?

English is not my native lanquage.


There was a batch of connectors that have this problem. You can put a drop of Crazy glue on the barrel and slide it back on.

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Watchdog is right, there was a batch a number of years ago where the RCA jacks would come loose. If you want it fixed up like new, reach out to your local distributor. I can get you their info if you don’t already have it. It’ll be a really simple fix for them.

, Thanks Jamesh (and watchdog507) for the quick response.

Jamesh information about the local distributor would be appreciated. Live in the Netherlands ( City Nijmegen).

Btw I used to have a DSJ but I’m writing about a SENIOR (former Perfect Wave and upgraded in 2014) I own since 3 months.

Thanks again

Awesome, sounds like you’ve been enjoying our DACs for a while! Yes, reach out to Guy at Aspera Audio Systems. They are great to work with. You can get in touch with them directly at info@aspera-audio.com

ALWAYS use the Balanced XLR outputs :slight_smile: Lesson Learned :))


Tried hard connecting the xlr cable to the Prima Luna Dialogue HP but never succeeded :grin:

Had contact whith Guy. Ordered Pattex Gold Original Secondelijm - 3 Gram - Transparant which is what they use at Aspera. So problem is going te be solved :wink:

Awesome! Great to hear. Thanks for keeping us posted.