Replacing Power Cables... Proper Method For Powering Down/Up?

Apologies, as I know this has been addressed before, but I simply can’t find it…

I am replacing the power cables to my preamp and amp, and they are both connected to the P5, currently.

Is the proper and safe method as follows…? And if not, can someone please reply as if I am a 5 year old, so I do not blow up my house? LOL! Thanks in advance!

  1. Power each component via the power switch

  2. Power down the P5

  3. Remove existing power cables, replace with new ones

  4. Power up P5

  5. Flip on the power switch for each component connected to the P5

IS THIS CORRECT? :slight_smile:

I would insert as step 1 “Power down amplifier” to avoid any nasties from shutting off other components reaching the speakers. Trust me, I’ve done that and it’s not pleasant! I would also clarify that your step 1 is “Power down each component via the power switch”. Otherwise, you’re good to go!

Yep. Generally the amp should be the first thing powered off and the last thing powered on.

Thanks, everyone! Changed out the cables without blowing up the house LOL! Nowhere near as dramatic a change as when I integrated the P5, but there seems to be some finer detail, and imaging. Hoping to hear more over time, but either way, it made sense to make the changes, given the investments thus far into my rig.

Again, thanks for your help. :slight_smile: