Resolution and AC-12 Power Cable

I’ve been reading some comments on the PS Audio AC-12 power cable and some are reporting that the high end and treble are supressed. But these people didn’t own the cable they said it was the reason they didn’t buy it. I’m considering purchasing one as they are available for a decent price these days and wondering if someone who owns one can describe the sound after connecting it to a power amp. In my case I will be connecting it to a Naim Supernait 2. I enjoy hearing as much as possible in the recordings which PS Audio is known for so it surprised me to read otherwise.

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Suggest hitting up @lonson as he is a fan.

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AC-12s do not suppress highs, if anything it has a over abundance of highs. Power cords that suppress the highs are Pangeas and Cardas. I have and own all three brands.
Pangeas suppress the ultra highs on purpose to eliminate high frequency noise. In the process some of the lower high frequencies also is lowered, but it is a full sounding robust sounding cable.
My problem with the AC-12 is it doesn’t sound very refine. Too crude for my taste. But to be fair, I am comparing it to power cords far more costly and much higher performance.
I am still using a couple of AC-12 I have to power my 2 Farad LPS to great effect though.

A power cord I recommend around the same price as the AC-12 is the Acoustic Zen Gargantua II. It has the refinement and incredible resolution. It retails $1500 but you see it go for $700-$900 used. I am using 4 of them in my system.

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I’ll agree that AC-12s do NOT sound as if they suppress high frequency material. Unlike W above I have not had a lot of experience with power cords above the AC-12 price point. I experimented with lower priced cables in the Decware, MAC, Cardas, TARA Labs, Monster Cable and probably a few other stables and when I came to PS Audio I found a synergy with my system and over a few years worked my way up to the AC-12 and have built my systems around them. I really like Ohno copper, and have that in my interconnects and speaker cables and find the AC-12 to have a synergy as it also has Ohno copper within.

After years with AC-12 cabling I read with great interest the praise for the Iconoclast cables and tried a loom of BAV power cords. I gave them a really long audition in my main system and then moved them to my third, headphone only, system. They are very good cables for the money, and if you are realy concerned about high frequency sound in a cable I’d recommend them or Pangea, though I don’t find AC-12 to have an excess, they do have more detail and “liveliness” to my ears in my systems.


thanks @waymanchen11 I’ll have look at the cable you’re using too


thanks @lonson this is very helpful

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