RESOLVED! -P20 no longer wants to Initialize

Meanwhile, the following day… :rofl:


Oh i did not bother to listen last night since all electronics had cold soaked over a day. Just to be safe each amp when I turn on out of standby will be individually and manually switched on the auto start and taxed power grid is what P20 said,” I don’t think so”

But the MC1,25KW is not fickle with Thermal-Trak Transistors. The MC1000s took 45 minutes of playing for Bias and temperatures to get happy out of standby.


Damn… Quite a bit…
Let’s hope I don’t have to put snow chains on my McIntosh too… :joy:

I am happy I waited and didn’t start mov every power cable to wall hook up. Waiting for power cord insulation dielectric to reform and getting isolation and tuning rings optimized is one struggle I didn’t want to deal with on a dozen cords.

But surely beats speaker placement or subwoofer selection or both. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Given the weight of objects that fascinate us, I was thinking of purchasing one of these robotic exoskeletons. :joy:

I understand you very well when you talk about anxiety about transporting heavy electronics.
I spent almost a week evaluating how to get the PL500s (320KG of total pallets, almost 100KG per speaker) into my basement, naturally without causing damage.

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Very nice. Would love to see some pictures of them in their natural environment… :wink:


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Here they are: :wink:

It is a system that is not yet finished, I will have to add a central channel (choice between a Magico A5 or a PSAudio FR30, unfortunately, the PL500s were only sold as a pair) and a Parasound Halo JC1+ to drive it.

Very nice! System is coming together great.

It looks like you have a good eye for value (i.e., high performance/$).

What are the footers the racks are coupled to?


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Thank you very much, my friend.

Exactly, I’m trying to express the maximum (euros/performance).

Music Tools SPIKE-HULL II are made in Italy.

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Thank you.


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I would think that this re-set procedure would at last be added to the P series regenerator user manuals to save owners a lot of unneeded grief. My P20 has been 100% sitting there doing it’s thing but, someday? Also, it save PS Audio most service calls for the problem,too.



Sadly, my P20 is doing the same thing, but pressing the standby button on powering up at different times hasn’t worked for me. Sending an email to PS Audio support…

Don’t press blue button until you hear a click. It maybe subtle noise if the lid is still on your P-20. It is about 15 or 20 seconds after the rear power switch is flipped.


@Vmax - thank you very much!!!

There was too much ambient noise yesterday but this morning, I waited, heard the click, and success!! I had been pressing too early yesterday.

Back to audio nirvana!!



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Gla to hear you go iit going. Next step your Bacch4Mac.

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Thanks again so much. Yes, I am waiting with much anticipation for the BACCH!