RF interference and power supplies

Mr. Carlson talks power supplies and noise.


I kept a large stash of '90s transformer based psus when SMPS became the standard, still got one or two left :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard Darren Myers discuss this topic and the issue involved, many times on The HiFi Podcast. This video was illuminating; thanks for sharing it.

PS Audio M700 is a fine sounding amplifier that uses switching mode power supply. The same thing can be said of Mola Mola products, especially the outstanding Tambaqui DAC. Similarly, Grimm uses SMPS in the respectable MU1, and the list of companies and products can go on and on. Are there higher quality SMPS or is it that these devices are built to withstand interference?

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Thanks for posting this. I’ve replaced most of my SMPS for my media converters and now I’m changing out the ones that I can with my video streamers (Roku Ultra is easy, ShieldTV is going to be tough). I did it just to remove the airborne EMF but I wasn’t expecting a noticeable difference when using the streamers. Very pleased with the results.

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Notice the video focuses on the cheap SMPS chargers typically bundled with cell phones and other such devices. Where the trash emitted by these chargers doesn’t matter, in principle. After all, when you’re done charging your phone, iPad whatever you don’t actually use it tethered to the SMPS (well, I don’t). My beef with these devices is the radiated RF is so heinous I have to take measures to keep the hash out of my rig when the SMPS is in use. I go so far as charging my cell in a separate room to maximize distance and minimize the risk of interference.


Not to mention the horrendous, whirring, screeching acoustic interference from such chargers. Does translate several metres and you don’t want that either, when each milliwatt is of importance in low-level detail scavenging.