Running linear and switching mode power supplies to the same regenerator

I got a P15 and several rigs connected on it: BHK 250, S300, DSD Sr., a W4S STP-SE MK2, all use linear power supplies, as well as a Mac mini i5 I use with a Mojo Joule III power supply. However I have some switching mode power supplies too, as the sPS-500 from SOtM and some iFi iPower that I use with a lan switch and a MiniDSP U-DIO8 (4 in total).
Would it be any noise contamination or regulation issues among rigs due this configuration? Is it better putting the rigs operating with SMPS in separate?
Thanks in advance for the advices.

You could try one of these. All the power sockets are isolated from each other so you get filtration and isolation from contamination.

Before spending money, put the smps on another circuit and listen to see if you can tell or not.

Hi, @stevensegal. Thanks for your opinion. Do you mean to plug this power strip to the P15 or to the wall outlet?

Hi, @brett66! What do you mean with putting the amps on a separate circuit since I have only one P15? I could take a different approach and put all the SMPS rigs connected on a simple power strip and so to a wall outlet. What about it?

Not the amps just the smps on another electrical circuit not associated with the P15.

Sorry! I thought you had mistaken the “a” to “s”. Yes, I did it for a (very) short time but got no conclusion at all. I think I’ll do it again. :+1:

Try it for a week before coming to any conclusion. Try not to listen for it just be aware of how you feel during and after listening.

I find noise reduction manifests as fatigue reduction more than an audible change.


I would just plug it into the wall. As you can get them on Amazon, you could try it for a few days and if it makes no difference send it back. There are lots of positive reviews, ifi make no-nonsense products, and at $500 there is nothing comparable at the price.

Hi, Stevensegal. Yes but it seems that this Amazon feature just applies to the US territory.

Applies in the UK as well. To be honest, iFi is widely distributed and there is a dealer 10 minutes from me who would loan me one. Availability does depend where you live and there seems to be consensus that power products are the most system dependent. The iFi unit is possibly the cheapest active conditioner with component isolation.

PS Audio does a similar product called the Dectet, but it does not have individual output isolation.

Ok, but do you know how this strip isolates the components?

@Paul Could you please help as I have the same question.
Are the power sockets isolated from each other so a cheap power supply is unable to pollute the other power sockets with noise ?
Thank you for your help.

It seems that @Paul doesn’t follow the Power Components section. :smile:

Someone else?

It depends. Higher frequency tends to pass right through. It may or may not be audible.

One must try in one’s environment and system etc to know if it matters