Rickie Lee Jones new album produced by Russ Titleman on HDtracks

Anyone else pick this up? I’m listening right now and sounds good (96k WAV) Nature Boy seems to be my favorite so far.

I’m a huge fan of hers, and have seen her around 40 times live. Unfortunately I missed her playing here in NYC at Birdland a few weeks back, but hope she comes back.

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It’s being released on Qobuz on 4/28 - Tomorrow!!!


It’s a nice album. Short. . . but sweet. (I have the cd).

Russ produced her first. . . and her latest.

I am disappointed. I auditioned the tracks and it is too jazzy for me. Not the Rickie Lee Jones I love.

Oh I get that. I’m a mainly jazz listener so that’s why I dig it. I love all that Rickie does, but do know this is different enough that many might not like it. I listen to almost entirely jazz and Brazilian music, but I still put Rickie’s other albums on.

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And that cover photo!


Rickie doing her Lara Croft imitation.