RMAF October 2021 - Cancelled

I reckon there will be “salon” sorts of things. Private events for various industry people and reviewers, etc. “Please show your card and negative test result, and step into the fumigation booth…”

Bunch of manufacturers around this area. They could coordinate and have events at their workplaces or rented spaces on the same few days. The attendees would have to shuttle around. Wouldn’t work for a big public sort of thing.


Creative approaches will certainly be necessary. Personally, a virtual AudioFest is akin to evaluating speaker by Proxy on YouTube. My vote is for a Salon model, where a manufacturer delivers product to a regional location for scheduled demos. Possibly an audiophile’s home. The attraction of the Fest was meeting fellow audiophiles in person.

A neat idea. I would prefer this to a big convention in any case.

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I second that idea! I know pre-COVID Abt in Glenview, IL had an in house audio show with reps from the brands they carry. It was small, well attended, and I think a success for all.

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I miss Abt.

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Well, as far as PSA is concerned, have Gus Skinas do a recording of their product in DSD which we can download for free. And, no mikes needed, just record the outputs of each model (not sure how they’d do the power amps).

It’s a great place. I was there yesterday and was tempted by 2 open box JL Audio F212v2 Subwoofers. I always get in trouble when I visit there!

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Yup, it’s an Utne Reader kinda thang. The Chicago Audio Society had done this more or less. I know Wauwautosa’s Ultra Fidelis has done it with some variations with Richard Vandersteen as well as Saturday morning audiofan coffee get togethers.

Well, Marjorie ran the show with a very minimal staff, lots of energy, and a ton of volunteers from the Colorado Audio Society (and presumably a hefty ration of caffeine).

Given the number of high-end manufacturers in the Denver area (PS Audio, Boulder Amplifier, YG Acoustics, Rowland, and Ayre come immediately to mind), maybe a consortium of manufacturers could step into the vacuum down the road and support a future incarnation. And the CAS infrastructure is still out there.

(Just sayin’ Paul)

Boulder? I don’t believe it’s ever been there. Maybe I missed something. It’s at the Denver Convention Center down the street from me every year.

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Don’t forget the Music Room! Also in Colorado.

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It’s started at the Harvest House Hotel in Boulder, but apparently has moved since to Denver. I never keep up with the event itself, as I know I’ll never attend. But I do look at the brewing awards each year.

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Yep, thanks for the reminder. Plus a number of other brick and mortar dealers as well.

Seems like a great idea, but … please don’t put anything more on Paul’s plate, it’s already overflowing!

I should add that this whole thing is shocking, didn’t see that coming, but probably should have. Sigh …

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Ironic that audio brick-and-mortar dealers are absolutely thriving and audio shows/fests now, well, at least for now, are no more …

Sad news about both Axpona and RMAF. Hopefully Axpona happens in Spring and maybe RMAF next fall…

Once Axpona canceled I suspected RMAF would as well because at least in my opinion Axpona had a much stronger exhibitor list. Moot point now unfortunately

This is exactly Paul’s plate.


On the positive side of things those PSA design/prototype engineers who were thinking, how in the hell are we gonna get all this stuff ready to show for RMAF (been there) may be breathing a sigh of relief, haha, but of course won’t admit it. Engineers will always welcome schedule slides, well almost always

Running an audio show? I think not. If you disagree please explain!

It’s just a big one for PSA. Paul’s the CEO.

No - not running an audio show. Marketing and selling. PS is one of the many on the list in this area in Howard’s post you were responding to. I don’t think the inference was that Paul should take over the RMAF. But the gap left by the cancellation of the show needs to be filled in some way.

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