Roon and router issue

I recently moved to Fiber 1GB service which is great. But I had to move modem from office to basement. Basically flipped the network backwards direction to feed up instead of feed down. Not a big deal right? Well Roon does not like it so much. I have moved my NAS and Core to be off my Melco switch in rack. Great same switch as my Sonore…works great. its only one hop from the Fiber modem. But my office is off another switch in attic (which I found was only 100MB…that was tossed in garbage fast) and then to my Netgear Nighhawk RS120 router. Anything on the other side of that router does not see Roon core. That router used to be the start of the network. I saw this same thing if my phone or tablet was on the wifi from the comcast modem, the router blocked that comm too.

So my question is what setting in the router could be causing Roon being blocked? I like to use my office to control roon, save DSP settings etc. I can go wifi off the eero devices Frontier gave me, but I should not have to.

The cable from the fiber modem should be goung to the WAN side of your RS120 router. Before connecting the LAN side of your router to the rack, why don’t you plug a laptop directly into the LAN port on the router and see if you have Internet? Maybe the settings in your previous service were DHCP in the router and your fiber connection needs a static IP? Maybe the modem hands out an IP address on the WAN side and your router needs DHCP enabled.

Once you can verify you have Internet off the LAN port on the back of the router, run a cable to your rack and you should be good to go. I hope I have this right.

I concur with @Rob_W
One network runs with less conflicts if it has a single DHCP server / controller at the entry point.
In some cases the primary and secondary DNS addresses need to be changed to Google’s instead of those provided by the local ISP. Namely and especially with Roon.
Roon core and NAS may do better with fixed IP addresses.

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and I assume this is plugged into the router as part of the new 1GB service?

So this becomes, because it’s in “router mode”, another network in your house and Roon doesn’t support that. You need to put the Nighthawk in AP or bridge mode so that all devices live off 1 network being served by the new router as part of your 1GB fiber service.

Roon only supports a single, flat, broadcast domain / network. Multiple routers break that requirement unless you really have a good understanding of the workarounds.


Well said.

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Ah that makes sense. The main network feeds the router in office and laptop is plugged into router. if not in bridge mode makes perfect sense. Thanks for the tip.

AP it is. Bridge turns off wireless. Verified this worked.

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