Roon keeps stopping mid track - PerfectWave DS DAC (with Bridge II)

I know the testing would be a PINA but If you were to go direct router to Bridge, I’m betting you wouldn’t have these drops outs.

From your MBP, you can open a terminal window and type ping ip-address-of-your-bridge-2 - i.e. ping ctrl-c to stop. it will send one small packet (ping) a second to the bridge-2 and tell you if it responded and how long the round-trip time was. let it run for a few minutes.

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on a MBP with location-services enabled, you’ll get some fluctuations into the 100’s ms every so often. but you shouldn’t drop pings.

the distance and room location makes that impossible alas…

@pbphoto I forgot the Mac OS was unix based… yes, I am doing that now…

1 minute into it, the latency is all under 20ms… mostly 14-15ms with outliers in the 6 and 19 range

I really don’t think it’s a network issue… again, still streaming flawlessly from MConnect.

Image 9-24-20 at 11.07 AM

— ping statistics —

3242 packets transmitted, 3215 packets received, 0.8% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 5.098/16.303/214.190/13.453 ms

samsamaha@Sams-MacBook-Pro ~ %

— I think we can safely say it’s not my network

Are you only streaming music via Tidal/Qobuz? Do you have a local NAS on your network? My point is try to play music from your NAS and see if you still have music stopping. This could help narrow down if it is an internet issue. There has been some internet outages today which could have an effect on steaming.

Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adaptor could help…

Even if you were to just bring the DSD closer to the router and then hook up some computer speaker for the audio. Would definitely be worth a shot.

It is most likely a network issue. Many have good luck with wireless connections but many do not. I had the same trouble with the same type of drop outs or stoppages. Going to a hard wired connection between the router and bridge solved the issue. My connection in that system is router > switch > 200’ cat5 run > switch > bridge2. I would make a wired connection (even if you have to go thru a few doorways) and make the bridge the only active playback device and see what happens. You can run a cat5 cable at least 300 feet without losing the signal. WMMV of course.

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@jamesh @wijber @Baldy … if you guys look at my prior 3 posts in a row, with screen shots, you can see that the network isn’t a problem… and I am using a Wifi-Ethernet adaptor … Again, this isn’t happening with MConnect…

I feel like I’m repeating myself a few times now… the problem (I’m willing to bet) is a software issue with Roon --> PS Audio to work out… is my 99% bet.

Just trying to offer a solution that has proven to work for me. A hardwired connection doesn’t seem like too much effort to give it a try. I guess you just need to stick with Mconnect then.

So do the lost packets represent a lost signal - like a dropout? I don’t know network mechanics that well. Either way it’s not worth arguing about. Good luck finding a solution.

thanks but from what little I retained from my EE Degree from 30 years ago, and what little I know of computer science… the network isn’t a problem intrinsically. My 5’ CAT7 cable into my xFi repeater is getting better than 200mbs speed, and well under 20ms latency… this is good enough to stream several DVD quality movies all at once.

I have notified Roon of this problem and time will tell if they put out a fix … meantime Mconnct, while missing a lot of features, is working flawlessly.

Used a Wi-Fi to Ethernet adaptor for quite a long time without any issues. IMO given your results with mConnect the cause is somewhere within Roon/laptop, unfortunately I cannot help you with that.

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I’ve read through this thread and find I’m a little confused about the connection between the Roon core and the DSD. @sam.samaha When you are streaming through Roon to the DSD are you using a USB cable or streaming via UPnP to the Bridge II card?

If you’re not using USB, maybe you could try USB from the MBP to the DSD and see if you experience the same stops you have before.

I kind of suspect that streaming to the Bridge II over UPnP is getting wonky on the MBP somewhere. If that’s the path you’re taking then it might be interesting to grab some system logs from Console on the MBP when the problem happens and run through them to see if anything sticks out.

Just confirming the firmware version on your bridge II is 3.6.86 ?

@trey0thompson I am using UPnP … the same interface that MConnect has now been streaming for nearly 30 hours uninterrupted with…

@pbphoto yes, it is the latest firmware 3.6.86

I can echo Sam’s comments on this being a Roon/PS Audio issue.

I have a fully hardwired network
I am running Roon core on a Innuos MKII SE server
I am outputting USB to the DS
Since 1.7 I have had a ton of trouble running consistently via this endpoint. Will stop playing frequently. Once stopped very difficult to get going again. Seems like there is a delay in the controls because sometimes it will execute a skip/play command an hour later

I have 0 issues:

*Shuffling through my local library on my server
*Outputting to other endpoints like iPad, iPhone or iMac
*Accessing my server via iPeng

I have registered this issue with Roon support but I suspect they will need some help from PS Audio.

Is any forthcoming? Is PS Audio talking to Roon?

Very frustrating

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Convers Digital should step in as well:

I will reiterate that the Bridge is just a renderer and if the music stops it’s on the Roon side. The only possible Bridge problem might be that for some reason Roon’s server does not see the Bridge as being connected. This sometimes happens when we use a USB reclocker or a USB cable that somehow interrupts the 5V bus. Roon can see that as a problem and stop playing.

The important thing to remember is that the Bridge has not ability to control what Roon plays or does.

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