Tidal Playlist Randomly Stops Playing with Mconnect to Bridge II


I’ve tried playing long songlists I’ve created on 3 different Android devices & they simply stop playing after a few songs. No error messages appear. Anyone else have this problem?


Yes, and just after a few songs. I’m going to check if I have connected through more than 1 switch, and may be test with a better ethernet cable.


I was doing my listening via a wireless router to another wireless router configured as a bridge that the DAC is connected to. I also hardwired the DAC directly to the main router with CAT 5 and the problem still occurs.

I have a Chromecast Audio connected to the optical port on the DAC. Using the Tidal Droid app, I can play playlists without a hiccup, so I don’t think there’s an issue with my local network. Funny thing is that 2 weeks ago I wasn’t having any problems & nothing has change on my network or Android tablets. Mconnect is a POS.


Similar problem with laptop desktop app, loading the cue. It will stop in a random place, needing to click on play icon. Good to know it is Tidal and not the new hardware.

I did just change modem/router from Spectrum, to take advantage of their upgrade to 200Mbps, not knowing that none of my PCs or tablets can accept more than 100Mbps. If you figure it out let us know.


I think it is a common phenomena. I suspect it is the Mconnect app. Happens on android and ios for me.


I am using a Toshiba laptop, dedicated for music, running Windows 10, using the Tidal desktop player. A 3’ Tera Grand Cat 7 cable from Spectrum’s modem/router to laptop, an AQ Jitterbug and Carbon 1.5m USB cable to DAC.
My money is on Tidal’s software. I just noticed this morning it stopped playing when it got to music I added to the queue later. I don’t use Mconnect, so in my case, not it.