Roon Performance Upgrade Coming November

Per Roon community board:

Note: No action is needed for Cores running on Roon OS devices, including Nucleus and ROCK. They already use Microsoft’s .NET runtime.

Which is fine since Roon performs extremely well on my very modest i5 NUC.


Awesome! Shocked that ROCK uses this already. Learned something of value here, thanks.

I joined the Roon Beta Test through their invite. Rolling a new SR purple fuse. Sounds great whether or not faster processing helps sound not sure I could tell.

I’ll be next to sign-up. Probably good timing with some troubleshooting I’ve been meaning to do. I get pauses either on the app or between songs and stuff.

It is getting lots of good press on the beta user site for its quickness in search snappiness. I have been only streaming playlists. No complaints an sound is sublime. I bet it solves your issues.

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Thanks! This is good news!

Upgrading linux isn’t always the most pleasant experience, but I’m past the upgrade/updating.

Hope to be added to the beta test group very soon after going to "66"6.

edit: upgraded linux kernel, security stuff…distro version. Actually, doing this gives roon what they will soon need without me needing to specifically install the .NET dependencies.

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@Vmax did you get notified by email, or did they just hit you with an update?

Roon just pushed the update after a Beta tester email on where to report problems. So far beta is seamlessly working sound is wonderful.


I looked into it and I have a Nucleus so apparently I don’t need to be upgraded?

What about Roon OS?

Any devices running Roon OS (ROCK and Nucleus) have been using .NET runtime for some time, and so you won’t see any changes if you’re using these devices

Correct. You are all set.

More time to sit back and enjoy the music!

Anyone with a sonicTransport i5, i7 or i9 running the 2.8 version of the OS is good to go too…

Andrew recommends if you have Sonictransporter 2.8 and have for awhile to do the update button through. A aparentlly he did some 2.8 updates 5 months back. On the rendu series you are good to go with a 2.8 SD card.

I followed his advice and the Beta runs fine.

Finally got my invite to beta this sucker. Pleased initially.


I had a few hang ups doing fuse swaps on my router LPS. Nothing worse than before the Beta.

Taking it to another level with router fuses, Vmax! Like what I’m reading.

The responsiveness using Roon has been pretty awesome so far, and the sound also seemed enhanced…somehow. Going with 33% placebo there.

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I got a new Roon Software push on Wednesday evening. . Not sure if it was Beta update or new improved final release. Still sounds sublime

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I just did the Roon update on my Grimm MU1. Quick and easy. I hear no difference.

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1.8 (build 846) on my core.

I dont think any sonic improvements were ever promised (let alone possible) - its just a release aimed at stability.

Mine came through yesterday - its always been rock solid for me anyway, so I doubt I’ll notice any differences.