Roon Performance Upgrade Coming November

Sounds Promising for Cores Running Linux

Seeking Beta Testers

For Linux.

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I run Roon ROCK so no impact

Yes they already addressed your system linux liad. I just did the Small Green Computer update. So far only three companies and Roon server products confirmed. Interesting if there will be sonic improvements.

There is zero Microsoft anything in my system. Bah!

My core is Linux Mint w/ Intel Celeron…it’s been a bit of a struggle and I don’t think it meets minimum requirements…only with regards to the CPU. No DSP, no NAS library.

It may choke after they push the Roon upgrade. I’d be poking Grimm and Pink Faun. They may be working it.

That is my fear. But you don’t have to allow the “upgrade” to happen.

True. Usually there is no way to go backwards. I’d wait and see until dDutch bless it. Chances are they are already working it.

In my opinion the folks at Roon spend too much time being something for everyone. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Rock. All that OS dev and support if narrowed could be better spent on functionality.

Being on Windows, Mac, and Linux is extremely smart on their part. They need to run on as much hardware as they can and on all the major Operating Systems. Doing anything else would cut down on the number of potential trial subscribers and you need trial subscribers to turn into paying subscribers.

As far as I know, Roon’s Nucleus & Nucleus Plus run a customised version of Linux.


I agree that may have been clever in the early days. Now however, a careful read through the forum and you’ll start to notice a distinct slide of support trending downwards.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my Rock. Heck, we have six ultraRendu based zones here at home. I am just noting that there seems to be more users and less support.

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Yes, they do. So does Rock.

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Hopefully, they won’t mess things up for owners like my humble self!

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Does this include Grimm MU1?
“If you’re using a Core device from one of our partners that runs on Linux, you may need to get in touch with the manufacturer to confirm these dependencies have been met. We’ve reached out to all of our partners to let them know so they have time to address these dependencies before the update is released.”

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Their support has be atrocious for a few years now. Also, they care much more about their streaming customers than they do their customers with a lot of local content. I am a lifetime subscriber that has already reached the “break even” point and would dump them in a minute if something better came along.

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One Roon update stopped my Pink Faun cold. But a few minutes of time it was solved. No one provides better support. Now I get to see how Grimm handles it. I am confident they have it under control.

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I think that you are in good company. I am very curious to see the Octave.

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Running R.O.C.K. on an NUC.

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I don’t think it/this applies to ROCK users at all, but I’m not 100% clear on the matter. Is the idea to run .NET libraries on Linux as an improvement? That isn’t a new idea (in either direction).

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