ROON ROCK ffmpeg update needed

Just an FYI, it is possible you will need this:

So I was listening to some old AAC rips from my Roon ROCK on my system and noticed some really bad static when playing 16/44 AAC titles. I tried the files directly using MConnect and no issue.

I looked around and found the solution on the Roon site. My ROCK is over a year old and the ffmpeg file has not been updated since. I got the file and updated, instructions in this link towards the bottom. I know this says for missing Codecs, but it also is to update the version on your ROCK.


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@Veneet thanks this fixed my problem with AAC format. Disappointed that roon does not update these with their software updates

@xrford I am with you, if they could even just let us know at the very least that we would need to update this, that would be better. I spent a bunch of time trying to rule out what in my system was messed up until I stumbled on a thread on their forum that helped me fix my issue.

Glad you are back up and running, happy listening!

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