The long wait is over: The new Bridge II Code is live! (currently on hold pending a bug fix) v3.6.2

I understand the importance of quality hardware. Our PC based systems were well engineered and often ran $10K+ per stand alone system. There was absolutely no compromise when it came to the hardware we selected for our purpose-built PC based systems. Regardless of the brand of any motherboard, processor, or RAM that my unit procured, when we drove them to their limits and beyond, PC based systems failed more often than the Mac-based Windows systems I used. The trade off with Mac is you will never get the throughput that you could achieve with a high-end, hot-rodded PC system. But for mission critical work, reliability trumps any slight performance advantages and for the majority of home users, Mac hardware is more than enough to get the job done from a speed/performance perspective. Gaming is a Mac weakness for sure, but that is a area of concern for some, but not all.

Please understand, I am not arguing Mac OSX vs. Windows. What I am saying is that based on my professional experience, I have been able to run Windows in all of its glory and all if its power in a Mac based system while still enjoying all the benefits of Mac OSX. And Windows, based on the demands I have placed on it, has been more reliable in a Bootcamp’d Mac machine than any cost-no-object expertly designed PC-based system.

Expensive hardware does nothing for a PC if it has poor drivers or the motherboard has a faulty BIOS. There are too many variables to consider that may have made your PCs faulty. I’ve been running my main desktop for 4 years now and have not had a single crash or BSOD but my significant other has had a plethora or OS related issues on the mac. All of this is anecdotal. My only point here is that Windows often gets painted as glitchy or somehow unstable and I simply don’t agree with that. And you saying a VM of Windows running inside macOS makes me believe that even more. Obviously those PC had major issues if a VM was considerably more stable. I doubt it was the operating system.

The demands I place on computers is beyond what most casual users could ever comprehend. My experience is what it is, and is by no means an attempt to discredit or minimize yours or anyone else’s opinion on this matter. That fact that I extensively use both operating systems substantiates the fact I am not a hater of Windows. I use both and will continue to happily use both, just on Mac hardware.

Elk - FWIW, when it came time to replace my laptop recently, I had the same feeling about the current Mac laptop options - as did a lot of other Mac owners - and I’ve been 99% Mac since the 80’s. It really seems like Moore’s Law has slowed of late, and so the latest Mac laptops were not significantly different in performance (still i7s, etc.) and were, from my perspective, increasingly narrowed with regard to interfacing with other bits. That is, they are going all in on USB-C and TB such that you pretty much HAVE to use adaptors of some sort.

So - I got a barely used one from a couple of iterations back for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Great machine, same horsepower as current machines, but still has TB, USB, HDMI, and SD card slots in the sides.

Another possible bug with this latest version? I am noticing a lot of static in dynamic music using AAC format streamed from tidal via roon. I did not notice this with last version of the bridge on my dsj. Example “Still falling for you” Ellie Goulding.

Do you use a Roon ROCK?

If so please see this, I had the same exact issue and this fixed it for me:

@Veneet thanks!! that fixed it :grinning: . I had no idea the codecs had to be updated periodically. I would of hoped roon would of updated them if required via their software updates…I guess it is left to us to do it manually :disappointed:

@xrford so happy that worked for you too! I am disappointed they don’t tell us to update it. My understanding is they can’t automatically include it as it would be a royalty they would have to pay the guy that maintains the code. I get that, but if they just explained that it had to be done manually instead of searching forums, etc to find the solution.

Anyway, glad it’s working now!

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Hello guys,

any news about fixing bugs in the latest Bridge II update?

Yes, thanks for the nudge. I know Converse made the changes, Matt found a few bugs, and then it sort of vanished. I’ll ping Matt to see where it’s at.

Matt just shared with me the fixed version has been received and is currently under test. So far so good. We’ll let you know when/if it passes the testing phase and is ready for release.


Many thanks for the feedback Paul!

We are happy that the solution looks next!

Hi Paul do we have an ETA for the update? I know that the wheels of progress can be slow.

Sometimes maddeningly so, yes! Let me check with Matt. It was in testing last I looked.


Are Matt and his people getting any closer on getting the Bridge II code fix finalized? It’s been almost a month since they received the “fixed” version from Converse.

After waiting for months for Converse to effectively fix their issues, I’m disappointed. It seems that they handed off a write that didn’t pass muster with PS Audio. It’s almost like there’s not much urgency to correct the code. I for one won’t miss this card once the octave card is out. Bridge II is current, I can only imagine what happens if it becomes a legacy card.

I have already given up on the Bridge II card. I bought an ultraRendu and immediately experienced better sound quality. I don’t care about giving up MQA…

I’ll second the disappointment over MQA hype. I sold my Mytek Brooklyn after I felt that MQA presented artifacts that I didn’t like. It just didn’t sound right. I must admit when I bought the Bridge II it was for convenience and MQA. Now MQA is off my listening pallette. I actually avoid the format at all cost. I would just like the card to work as designed.

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Based on speed-racer’s advice, I did the same and have never looked back. Better sound, more reliable streaming and MUCH BETTER user experience via the Audirvana+ Remote app. For once, I can stream Qobuz and Tidal with complete reliability as well as having native app-like experience through via the free Remote app included in the price of Audirvana+ ($79.95 one time fee).

The Mconnect Control app is pretty terrible. Even BubbleUp is far from ideal. I tried many apps with the Bridge II and was never satisfied.

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Except for the MQA ROON business what else isn’t working for you?