Roon trigger

This may be old news for some of you, I recently discovered that my DS dac will automatically turn on when I press play in Roon. I find this very cool no need to reach for the PSA remote. I’ve only been using Roon since Xmas so I’m in the discovery faze.
So if you didn’t know now you know.
Happy listening.



Neat. I do not recall this, although others may.

Indeed, Roon wakes up all the devices it controls in my house (Devialet Expert, Devialet Phantom, Naim Muso Qb2, Bluesound Powernode). I think that’s one of the requirements of Roon-Ready certification.

The people behind Roon had a lot of experience before creating Roon, such as designing the Meridian Sooloos server/streamer system. I looked at it over 10 years ago, it was very impressive, but you had to use a fixed touch screen and it was limited to the 500gb internal storage.

That said, a lot of streamers will wake up when you send something to it, all mine will be woken up by any digital source, whether AirPlay, Spotify, uPnP etc.

One thing I also notice is if I’m playing roon through the bridge and switch to a different input using the PSA remote, roon automatically pauses because it recognizes that it has lost control of the DSD.

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And on your tablet, in Roon, if you select Bridge II and press the little play button on Bridge’s icon, it would switch on Bridge II without pressing a button on the DS CAC’s remote!

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Wait, you folks turn your gear off???


non so perché

abbastanza giusto

Yes. That is one of the requirements of certification. It will also change the input automatically when you hit play, and stop playback in roon should you switch to other input.

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Turning gear on and off is very old fashioned. Most of my kit doesn’t even have a power button. Auto-standby after 20 minutes. Getting up and pressing buttons is very hard work.

Good to know. Thanks.