Roon Variable or Fixed Audio?

I was going through my Roon Settings last night and found it had changed from fixed to variable volume.

Not sure which update caused this. I thought it was a set it once and forget it function, but apparently not. I went back and fixed it and an immediate and substantial perceived sound quality improvement.

Not sure if it was volume change or something in Roon software for causing variable sound selection to sound duller. But fixed volume has brought a bunch of magic to the soundstage, along with clarity. Not sure how long I had been in variable sound mode.

I am interested to know if anyone else ever noticed this phenomenon regarding Roon volume?

Anyhow urge others to check or see if they get same improvement. One would think digital volume control would not degrade sound and analog gain would compensate. I adjust volume for my room by the amp watt meters. So same watt output for peaks doesn’t exceed ability of room acoustics That being said fixed volume in Roon sounds way better than variable sound enabled at same volume matching through amp.

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I checked all five endpoints. None have changed from Fixed.

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Mine was on the UltraRendu endpoint feeding the matrix. Did you ever compare sound on the two options?

I noticed i can only reach menu from my ipad Roon Remote and not iPhone.

I don’t believe I have tested the difference.

BTW - I misspoke earlier - Four out of five endpoints are set to Fixed. The fifth, which is for outdoor speakers is set to variable.

Do you mean the slider for volume control for the variable endpoints?

All mine (only 2 are fixed) stayed fixed. But the way they are a configuration that cannot go variable. Just the only way they work.

I am careful to not let Roon do any sort of processing whatsoever. Ewe!


Yes it sure can affect what you hear. I just wonder when it happened now. I wam am guessing it happened awhile ago perhaps during the Beta test push.

It sounds almost as good as a new cable turning off the volume processor. I am recallbrating my ears on configuration. I guess I know why my HT processor movie sound and streaming was so close in performance.


I am confused.

I set all my sources to “device volumel” as opposed to “fixed volume”, so that I can control the volume through the device that is rendering the music.

Where is this “variable” setting?



Clicking on the speaker to the left of the endpoint icon:

This is the device that controls music on our patio:

I suppose I should rename it, it’s really a Marantz 2275 with a Chromecast audio on Aux.

Not clear why it matters. I like adjusting the volume from my phone or iPad. When I care about lossless, I just run it to 100 in the Roon app and use my pre to adjust volume. Best of both worlds I figure…am I missing an advantage of fixed volume?

There’s some thought that with variable, Roon is doing some signal processing. With fixed sound seems less compressed.

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Nope. Still confused - I can find no “variable” setting option.

But I suspect, I am using the fixed setting in that my devices are set to “device volume”.

No matter. There is 0 DSP engaged with Roon on my devices.

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Ahhh got it!!! Look here near the middle of the screen.

Settings → Audio → Click on the Cog for the Device → Choose Device Setup → Volume Control.

Right, the choices are “Device Volume” or “Fixed Volume”.

There is no “Variable Volume” option. Sorry to be so pedantic (one of my favorite words, “Pedantic”)…

I figure using the device volume is less intrusive then allowing Roon to set a fixed volume. :man_shrugging:

Maybe another “Roonie” can chime in and set me straight.


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I believe that Device Volume and Variable Volume are one in the same.


Roger that…

I assume Roon’s official position is that lossless means lossless? Guess I’ll have to give it a shot this weekend.

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