S300 and Nuprime ST10 comparison?

Ok…dont hate me for asking this, Paul. Has anyone compared the S300 with the Nuprime ST10? Both get great reviews. Definitely have the upgrade bug.

I have not. I don’t even know what a Supreme ST10 is. Sorry. Maybe somebody out there?

I’ve owned an ST-10 for over two years in a second system and it is a very fine amp. Easily in that system beat out the W4S mAmps (B&O based). Their Class D modules are proprietary and go back to the days of Nuforce.

Thanks for the reply. What speakers is it driving?

Spatial M3 Triode Master


Those look interesting!

Ordered them on trial with Clayton’s 120 day return policy just to see how an OB speaker would do in the open Family Room. They sounded great and surprisingly the Wife even liked the looks so they stayed for over two years now. Bass is augmented below 40 hz in the large partially open room with a pair of Rythmik subs tucked to the inside rear of each speaker.