S300 power amp & powered subwoofer

My question is can I hook a powered subwoofer to the second set of output terminals on the s300? I would be using the high level inputs on the subwoofer. I’m asking because I noticed the warning on the back panel of the s300 about hooking powered subwoofers because the s300 is balanced…


If you are trying to hook a powered powered subwoofer to the S300 via the speaker level inputs you will need to find an alternative grounding point for the negative terminal on the amp side as the S300’s negative terminals do not provide a true ground.

I have pair of JL Audio D110 Sub connect to M700s. Work just fine. I recall read something on REL sub that special care is needed.

My sub is a Energy es12. I hooked it up and it plays just fine. Want to make sure there is no risk of damaging the s300 by doing this…

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