SACD playback and DAC control

I have just got the senior dac and 2 juniors to decode the DSD output of the memory player for SACD’s. Interconnects are Audioquest Diamond and 2 Carbon (for the surround channels)
The online manual suggests I can control the levels of the junior DAC’s from the main DAC (senior) connected to the front L+R I2S output, but I can’t get the connections menu screen on the Senior DAC to set this up, my only options are SACD Mode, Cover Art and Dimmer on the setup screen. Do I need internet connection for this? The latest firmware 3.15 is downloaded.

Anyone help with this?

Hi @trevor_hampson,
I may be wrong but my understanding is that you need 3 DS-Snr connected via Is2 to play multi-channel SACD disks. The 2nd & 3rd units are ‘slaved’ to the main unit.
I read through the Jnr online manual and didn’t see any mention of connecting multi -units.

Other will likely chime in too. GL. can you swap the Jnr’s for seniors!

The Jr or Sr’s can be mixed for multichannel playback. I keep the processing delays the same between them in software so that there won’t be sync issues like there would probably be if you mixed DS’s with other DACs.

Using the DMP there are three I2S connections on the back of the DMP, one to each of your Sr’s and/or Jr’s. AFAIK there is no communication between the DS DACs, and certainly no room on the Jr’s for two I2S connections… I have mine stacked and the single remote controls them all in parallel pretty reliably.

You’ll want to talk to PS Audio support if the manual implies something different I don’t know about.

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Hi Ted, The playback audio is ok, it’s just getting the 2 junior DAC’s to slave to the Senior one to make control easier. The manual says I should have a “connections” option in the setup page on the Senior DAC menu screen, which doesn’t appear. No mention is made of having to have only the Senior DAC’s, and not a mix with the Juniors, so I’m not sure how to correct this

As I said I don’t know of any such feature. If it was implemented in some release of the DS and DMP software that would be great, but I’m skeptical. Call PS Audio support to see what they mean.

Thx will do, but below is the bit from the manual suggesting it is possible:

I’m not trying to argue, with earlier software that wasn’t implemented and as I said I don’t know if it is. The hardware does have a slow speed communication in the I2S cables that could be used to do it. The physical connections would be the same whether you were using such a feature or not. That’s why I suggest to call PS Audio…