SACD ISO BridgeII Directstream - JRiver 26 - doesn't play

I have a direct stream DAC and use the bridge II to play music from my computer. I can no longer play SACD ISOs. This used to work, but I am not sure what broke it. I have posted to JRiver forum here:,124522.msg862085.html#msg862085

Hello, I recently upgraded to MC 26. When I select an SACD track to play on my external DAC (PS Audio DS, via bridge II), it “looks” like it is playing - the progress bar is moving through the song, but I don’t hear it. In JRemote it shows it is starting to play and then restarts after a few seconds and this repeats over and over. This used to work… File Type is ‘sacd’ ; media type is ‘Audio’; sample rate is DSD64 (1x).
Tools; Options; Media and Network; Client Options; Audio Conversion is set to ‘Convert Audio if necessary’ and Encoder: PCM 24-bit.
The file does play through my computer. Any help is appreciated.

I also saw this: Bridge 2 update - suddenly no ISO SACD playback - Jriver

Bridge firmware shows “up to date” (on 4/12/2020).

Could someone point me to a solution?

If you have a DMP load them on a flash drive and they play fine

I ended up reverting to MC20 and everything worked again.

When you have the DS DAC selected under “Playing Now” and right mouse click it and go to DLNA Controller Options do you have these two checked? Ignore Transport Events and the one below it Disable SetNext Support.

I’ve found that JRiver and the DS DAC via the Bridge have problems playing files unless these two are selected.