Screen for beamer instead of TV?

I am in the middle of refurbishing my living room. Since a few months our 55" TV screen shows a lot of clouding, and it’s getting worse and worse.
Me and my wife like to watch movies and we probably will need to buy a new TV.
I am just thinking; perhaps we should buy a beamer and screen instead? Our TV has always been at the right side of me when facing my loudspeakers. During serious listening sessions I notice a change in audio sound when covering/uncovering the tv-screen: bad reflections… should a less reflective (?) beamer screen be a solution to diminish these bad refectios ánd offer satisfying TV images? Perhaps there’s someone with some experience?

I’ve always found that projector TV’s are best in a dark room. That may not work for you. Friends of mine that do have them, have dedicated rooms with dark curtains or walls. Even the best ones look washed out the minute you have environmental light.


@watchdog507: Thank you this will save the hassle to look for something that will not be appreciated after all. May look for another TV and I will try to place it low above the floor instead.
(or even better remove it from the living room)

This is the second LED TV that developed ‘clouding’ effects after a few years.
Probably built in effect to get you up and buy a new one?

I’d try Sony XBR.

I will also check that tv out - next week new radiators/heating will be installed. After that we will replace all furniture and the audio set… checking out where to place the new tv. The tv is usually ‘on’ even while we both are doing something different; the audio in that respect has earned the main stage, but is usually switched on in the weekend only.