We also love video and home theater!

I noticed in several topics most recently system photos there has been much discussion about TV/Video displays so I thought I start this thread about video and home theater to discuss our other systems and ask questions about TV’s projectors home theater etc….


true…but this was already in the “everything else” category…

My 2 channel set up and home theater are one and the same. I use the Diablo 300 to power the left and right channels in my home theater. I recently upgraded my Sony projector to a Sony VPL-W715es thanks to @brian.fitterman amazing lead (Best Buy discontinued display) the Diablo was also monster upgrade to my HT! My next HT upgrade will be an Anthem AVM 70.

Yes. Everything else “system photos”. Our discussion of TV’s and projectors is not system photos so I guess we should attach a picture of our Sony projectors. I was looking into the Sony 6000 laser projector and I have no doubt it’s superior to my current projector but at $8k saving I’m happy with the old lamp model.

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I want to hear more about the TV - LOL.

I am in the market for the best picture I can get at 75".



There are many to choose from

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Yes, there are.

Hence my interest in first-hand experience with well-regarded models like the one @Chops has acquired.

Currently leaning toward the top-line Sony’s…

OLED’s are nice. Static images can burn in permanently, but the coloring is to die for

Worse phenomenon than there was with Plasma televisions…?

I never had a plasma tv.
I have mentioned this before, but I play only 4k/Blu-ray/dvd’s on my OLED and no broadcast tv with stationary logos. Hence why there are 2 tv’s in the listening/watching room. The red pixels actually dim from use faster than the other colors, which is why red static mages are the worst for the tv, followed by green, then yellow.
That said, I would easily purchase another OLED tv for the picture quality.


Thanks for the additional information.

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If I was in the market I’d buy the Sony 77” Oled

I have a guy at Abt. He can probably save a little bit more on this price!


Regarding TVs, you might think my comments are trivial but I don’t think so. I have an LG 2017 OLED and love it (I did get screen burn but LG replaced the panel for a very reasonable price). The OS on that old LG is a joy to use, especially the programme guide. I also have a Philips (I think it’s a 2021 model) OLED bought unseen because they do some tricks to monitor the picture and thereby do things to alleviate screen burn - I prefer the older LG picture (the Philips picture is brighter than the older LG but is somehow not natural). The remote control on the Philips is the worst thing I’ve ever used and impossible to operate in the dark or even when you can see it - it’s terrible! I would not buy another Philips with that type of remote (also I think it uses a google OS which is also terrible - a TV needs a good OS properly designed for its purpose).

Errata: The 2021 Philips TV uses an Android OS not a Google OS.


I recently purchased the Sony OLED 77” that @paul172 mentioned. I also have a 65” LG OLED.
Have not tried Samsungs recent efforts but thought they looked really good as well. Bought at ABt ,
where you can demo side-by-side. Differences are slight. Can’t go wrong with theses top OLED’s. I think videophiles have it a lot easier.


They definitely do but I’m currently using my AQ Dragon hdmi for video and it seems nice!


My Sony OLED has shown no sign of trouble in the four years I have used it. And my Pioneer Kuro is still going strong. I would be fine if an excuse comes along to buy something new. But no need at this time.


recently got a Sony Oled…no speakers…the entire screen is a speaker


Mine might be as well, I don’t know for sure. I prefer using speakers as speakers, and screens as screens. I never once tried my Sony with whatever sound capabilities it has. It entered my space, got hung on the wall, surrounded by speakers. I wasn’t even curious. Normally I hate Sony, but I love then one I bought.


I have 2 LG OLEDs never with an issue. The one in bedroom wife uses very much. Zero burnin and even she notices how good picture is. Past 4 years or so they move the picture a pixel this way or that way every time you turn on to keep burn in away. Also turn down brightness a click or two. It has plenty. That helps as well. You don’t get better picture than OLED. Samsung has even given up that battle.


Looks like you got a lot of good answers already!

All I have to say is do your own research as well.

As for me, I read reviews, watched reviews, looked at all my options within the price range I was willing to spend, studied all of the various screen technologies, brightness and contrast capabilities, the different operating systems, apps, etc, etc.

After about a month of research, I settled on the Samsung 75" QN85B.

The picture quality on this TV is amazing! I took about a week of tweaking here and there during the day and in the evening to get the picture where I wanted it, using various sources for video including YouTube, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney+, and still images from my own photo library that I’m very familiar with, as simple as casting the images to the TV via my laptop.

Fast and slow movement is liquid smooth, color tone and saturation is perfect, it’s bright as all get-out if you need it to be, especially good for in a bright room. Shadow detail is clean and crisp. Oh, and blacks?.. As in pitch black, as in totally void of light and noise, as in the neighborhood of OLED black performance.

Needless to say, I am extremely happy with this TV. There’s absolutely nothing I can nit-pick about this TV. And I can almost guarantee that in this exact room setting, you probably couldn’t tell the difference between this Neo QLED and an OLED.

Oh yeah, and the built-in speakers? Not that I ever use them, though I have a few times when I had the stereo powered down for upgrades and such. The sound quality of this TV is pretty incredible. It has little ported subwoofers on the very bottom edge, it has a strip of speakers across the bottom half of the screen where the TV mount is, then it has two more slits at the top corners where there’s even more speakers.

It has measured bass response down into the low 60 Hz range. It’s actually quite punchy. Midrange, vocals, treble extension is great, and it DOESN’T have that typical honky, plastic, rattly sound to it. It actually sounds more like a really good sounding sound bar.

It uses a new minimalist bluetooth remote that is rechargeable via USB-C or the solar panel on the back of it! I still have my Roku connected for just a couple of apps that I can’t get on the TV, but the TV automatically installed a Roku app that automatically powers up and takes full control of the Roku unit with the Samsung remote. Pretty dang cool!

And lastly, the Toslink output on this TV sounds a whole heck of a lot better than the one that was on my old Hisense. I wasn’t expecting that, but it’s a major bonus. And that Toslink is run through a 30 ft fiber cable to the back of the room to my Auralic Altair G1. Perfect!