Direct stream Dac , display freezes, no sound

Hi. I live in Denmark and new to this forum.
I have a PS audio Directs stream Dac.
I really love the sound.
This morning I had problems…
The unit seems to freeze , the display is frosen on the xlr input.
I tried to turn off/on the unit on the rear side.
The unit starts initializing but does not load the full line as it use to , only about 10 %.
The unit can not be controlled by remote and the ps logo button on front is also frozen.

I really hope some of You great PS audio fans could help me out.

Thanks a lot for reeding.

Greetings from Denmark

Welcome @Henrik_Jensen
I recommend disconnecting the power cord for 2 minutes before restarting. If things do not work, try reloading the firmware.


Thank You for trying to help out, I appreciate this a lot.

By reloading firmware ,you mean take out the sd card and replace it again?

The Display is frozen and I can not upgrade firmware through the display…

fre. 30. apr. 2021 10.34 skrev Serhan via PS Audio <>:

Hi Henrik,
I recommend downloading the firmware here:
Use the right link for your computer type, decompress / unzip the files to a folder on your desktop, then copy them to the root directory of your SD card. Insert it into the slot around the back of the DS DAC and start from the rocker switch. You may want to enable viewing of hidden files before copying to the SD card to make sure no files are missed.

After loading the firmware, and hopefully the DAC starts properly, please remove the SD card from the DS DAC. If you have Bridge II, you delete all the files on the SD card and put it back in the slot as you need it to display album art. Otherwise, it is not needed for the DS DAC.

Good luck.

Hi again.

I just downloaded the latest DSD Windom.

I unfolded the zip file and now I only have the file
DSD windom.img 67,1 MB

Is this right?

I tried to restart the direct stream dac with the new firmware , but nothing worked…


fre. 30. apr. 2021 11.54 skrev Serhan via PS Audio <>:

Hello Henrik,

  1. Unzip this folder if not done already.
  2. Remove the individual files from the unzipped folder.
  3. Copy the individual files to a clean SD Card formatted to FAT32.
  4. Place the SD Card in the appropriate slot on the back of the unit (Gold pins facing up on all products except DMP and Regenerator products where they face down).
  5. Important!: Unplug any I2S connections and ethernet.
  6. Turn off for 2 minutes, then on, the rear panel power switch on your PS Audio unit.
    The front panel PS Audio logo button should blink as the files are loading and the unit updating for up to 3 minutes. If it continues more than 10, turn off the unit and redo the process.
    Contact support if you have any problems installing.


Does this look right?

fre. 30. apr. 2021 16.21 skrev Serhan via PS Audio <>:

The image file has six individual files within it (including readme). They should be unpacked to the SD card.

Do you use Mac or PC? On my PC, I have these files:

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Thanks Terrence


I use Mac

fre. 30. apr. 2021 16.42 skrev Terrence via PS Audio <>:

Is there a utility to on mac that allows you to see and copy the contents of the image file to the SD card?

Do you have anything connected to the I2S input? If so, try unplugging that and then reboot the DAC with the rear switch.

Hi again.

I succeeded, great thanks a LOT…

fre. 30. apr. 2021 16.53 skrev Serhan via PS Audio <>:


Thank You all for helping me out here.
I am greatfull.

fre. 30. apr. 2021 17.09 skrev jamesh via PS Audio <>:

Thanks you and a huge thanks to @Serhan for helping out!!


@Serhan has repeatedly been a wonderful resource and of great help to others. :+1:


Congratulations! I am pleased your system is playing music again. Please make sure you remove all files from the SD card before you reinsert it into the slot to avoid any mishaps when restarting you DS DAC.

My pleasure Sir


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