What's going on with PS Audio's phone number?

I’ve been trying all day and just get a busy signal. I’ve also had times in the past couple of weeks when I can’t get through via phone. They’ve had something for repair that seems to taking too long to return. Is something going on PS, or perhaps just need more staff? Wish I lived in Colorado - I’d apply as the film business is slow, and would love to help PS keep up with the demand and all the great products rolling out.

I’ve had a repeated issue when calling that the call just drops after a few rings. I eventually can get through. Someone there told me they’re aware and have a problem ticket in with the service provider.

It seems like every skilled labor position on the planet is short handed.

I just scheduled a return phone call with So-So Security and got an appointment for Feb 25th.

Not an office visit but a phone call. :frowning:


I usually called TJ directly back in the day but I forget who’s in charge of the repair center now. I just sent my out-of-warranty Steller Phono for repair (long story). Living in Arizona, I have the luxury of cheaper shipping and fast delivery so I usually just send it stuff out and follow up with a call instead of waiting for someone to get me an RMA#. Getting a hold of someone there can be a crapshoot (but not always - in my experience anyways).

I know my reply didn’t help and hope I didn’t put gas on the fire here. My elderly friend and I went our for Breakfast yesterday and usually getting an outdoor table with service isn’t an issue…unless you are short staffed. So did the half hour wait and I had to remind my friend why.

Wish it were that way for skilled film and video people. I saw a remote video editing job recently listed. There were 1200 applicants when I saw the listing. I’ve read posts that much of the LA film/tv industry is out of work.

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That just plain sucks

Sorry guys and thanks for the heads up. Teruth is we rarely call our own 800 number so we didn’t realize there was a problem. The phone system we use, which is network based, got heartburn or something awful :thinking: and we’ve got techs looking at it now. Hopefully it will be fixed today.


Again, sorry. Our phone system’s broken and we’re scrambling to get it fixed. Thanks for the heads up!!