Support Backlog?

Is there any reason support would take more than a few weeks to respond to a request right now?

I’ve been following PS Audio for a few years, after finding the company through Paul’s YouTube videos. When a housemate wanted an affordable high end system I suggested the Sprout/ELAC package and said, while I hadn’t heart it personally, I’d consider it if I was shopping in his price range.

He followed my advice, and we were both impressed with the Sprout.

However, he ran into a problem. He tried the support form and didn’t hear back for a couple of weeks. He didn’t even get a confirmation email. Thinking the support web page might have failed to submit his request, he also sent an email about a week ago. He still hasn’t gotten anything back from PS Audio.

Does anyone know if there a support backlog due to COVID, or something else to explain the delay? I told him that one benefit to a company like PS Audio was extremely prompt, high quality, customer service, and I’m going to take responsibility if he’s not satisfied.


Unfortunately, email is never guaranteed. I would go old school and give them a call. You’ll get someone during business hours.

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Call them direct, they have always gotten the job done for me when I called although my problems have been very minor. Also @jamesh on the forum will usually answer messages here pretty quick.


Yes, emails can be a little tricky. Often times get blocked because their service email box gets A LOT of spam. The service form comes in as an email and sadly those even get blocked randomly. We’re not sure why. Unless it’s the weekend, any emails sent to the service guys are usually answered within 24 hours. I can assure you our service team is not backed up by a few weeks.

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