Service request?

Hi, I’ve sent in a service request for my less than one year old Stellar Gain Cell DAC, but I haven’t gotten any reply. My unit got damaged when a speaker fell on it. Broke off the volume knob.
Please let me know how I can get this fixed.
Henry Jonkman

Ouch!! I’m sure James can help you out.

Oh that smarts!

Who should I contact? I still haven’t gotten any reply from PS Audio service request.


Have you tried calling on the phone?

James’ email is

No, I havent tried. I’m working all day, not much chance to call.

Ouch, that’s a first. Looks like it completely sheared the knob off and knocked the board loose as well. Nothing a power cycle can’t fix though :laughing: (kidding) I’ll have TJ reach out to you first thing when he walks in. Standby.

Something I can fix myself, do you think? Or was the board soldered in?

Hank Jonkman

TJ’s in so you should be hearing from him soon. It’s possible. Really depends what happened to the bracket the board is attached to. He’ll likely ask for a picture of the inside.


Looks like it going back to get fixed. Great big thanks to James & TJ for taking care of this for me. Thank Paul too. Top notch customer service! Already can’t wait to get it back.

Hank Jonkman

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