Set SGCD Volume at turn on?

Is there any way to have the volume of my SGCD turn on at a level different than 25? I’d really like it at 50 due to my setup.

Refer to the volume control section of the GCD manual.
If you use the blue logo to put it in standby it will return to the last volume setting. This is how mine worked.

I do not believe that is an adjustment that is available. We are counting on folks “turning on” the unit through the front panel logo standby button. Using it as intended, the volume remains where you set it last.

Paul, I believe mine used to do that but now when I use the button or remote to turn it on it always returns to 25. I have tried rear switch power cycling. Any ideas?

From the manual:
The volume is adjusted by rotating the volume knob. The range is 0 - 100. If you are listening to playback through speakers the volume will stay where you leave it even after you power the unit off with the blue logo button. If you use headphones and the volume is set above 25, the volume will automatically reduce to 25 when the headphones are unplugged, protecting your speakers. If you power the Stellar Gain Cell DAC off using the rear power switch, once powered back on the volume will default back to 25.

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Palouse, that is how mine used to work but now whether I use the remote or switch it always returns to 25. Attaching headphones does switch it to 25 but I never do that.

Really? Let me check for you.

Just tested a GDAC here in the office and ours behaves just like yours. It’s been years but I do believe this was a safety decision. Sadly not adjustable. If you ever sent your unit in for repair, it likely got a SW update which changed this.

James, it did go in for repair last year, so that’s what must have happened. Thanks for checking as I am using it at a higher level with new speakers, I thought i’d check.

Hi James. It’s not a big deal but would please confirm what happens if the volume is below 25 when going into standby? Mine was in for repair last Mar. I didn’t notice any difference but I routinely turn the volume to 0 before going into standby. It would only reset to 25 after unplugging or turning off the main.

Just tested and when it’s set to 0, put in standby, it wakes up at 0. Essentially everything under 25 stays there upon wake up and everything above goes back down to 25 upon wake up.


Thank you James. I appreciate it.

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