Setting up Roon with bridge

Warning-I am challenged. I typically stream Tidal via Mconnect. Now that I have a DS, I stream over the bridge ll. I have a pretty lousy USB and prefer the comfort of using my iPhone as a remote. I’d like to give Roon a try-When I load up the app (on my phone) it says it is looking for a Roon Core-what am I missing, do I need another component i.e. ipad or laptop. finally, am I able to use my phone as a remote? Appreciate your kind help and apologies, I am sure this should be easy peasy, but as stated above, I am challenged with this stuff.

There has to be a box (computer, NAS, or streamer) somewhere in your system that holds the Roon main program. That device becomes the “Roon core”. Roon may need help finding your music if it is not located on the same machine. Your phone then becomes the controller of the core. You have to get a copy of the Roon software from Roon and install it on the machine that will become the core. Some streamers have it already installed.

thank you, Baldy. So, would the DS have capabilities to set up as a “core”, or would I need to connect my laptop via USB to the DS to set that up as the core and use my iphone to control it?

You would need to put Roon on your laptop. Once that is done the Bridge should show up as an “endpoint” that you can play to. That way you dont need the laptop connected to the DS although you can use a USB connection if you like. Of course the Bridge and laptop need to be on the same network. Once you have Roon on your laptop you may want to use it to control Roon as the interface is pretty nice.

No, the DS cannot be the core. If you are using a laptop, you would install the Roon core on your laptop. You would then open the Roon software on your laptop and “tell” it where your music files are located and what the endpoint is (i.e., where is the music to be sent to), in your case the DS. If your router is near the DS, you can simply run an ethernet cable from your router to the Bridge. Assuming your laptop and phone are tied into your wireless network, the Roon software (whether you are running it on your computer or your phone) should be able to see the DS and stream music to it. If you cannot run an ethernet cable to the Bridge, then I guess you would have to run a usb cable from your laptop to the DS.

Roon Core resides on a computing device hosting the software.

Computing devices and/or mobile devices can serve as the controller/“remote controller”.

Roon Core can be accessed via Wi-Fi , USB, and/or Ethernet.

For example, I have Roon Core on an iMac in my kitchen (downstairs). My Hi-Fi (“Big Rig”) is in a bonus room (upstairs). The iMac is “connected” to my DS DAC/Bridge II thusly:

•Wi-Fi > Router
•Router > Ethernet media converter (Ethernet to optical)
•Ethernet media converter > Ethernet media converter (optical to Ethernet)
•Ethernet media converter > Ethernet switch
•Ethernet switch > PinkFaun LAN Isolator
•PinkFaun LAN Isolator > PS Audio Bridge II Ethernet Card

Music is controlled on the Big Rig via a Roon app. on my iPhone or an iPad.

Alternatively, I can listen to Roon-served music on the iMac built in speakers and desk-top speakers connected to a USB DAC system connected directly to the iMac via USB. In this case the music is controlled by the Roon app./software on the iMac.

I hope this helps some.

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got it. thank you. Now just trying to sync the Roon app on my phone to control as a remote instead of having my laptop around…

They both need to be on the same network which I am sure they are. It might require a hard reset (power fully off) of both devices or you might have to delete Roon from the phone and then reinstall it. Once you get the system going you can control Roon from either device and go back and forth from one to the other. They will each remember which song was playing last but you can just move up or down the que as needed. Using the phone or ipad is nice but sometimes the bigger screen is better for detail work.

Thank you. I will give that a try tonight for sure.

It’s kind of a fragile ecosystem but once you get everything to click together it ends up working pretty good. Roon is a really good interface and worth every penny to me.

Yeah, I’m diffing. I’m sure I’ll like it more once I have my lazy guy remote up and running. Certainly Worth it .

Looks like there have been issues with Iphone devices as a remote connecting. No wonder, had me going nuts. For now, I’ll walk around the house with the lap under my arm…thanks for all the help.

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The iphone ought to connect without issue. Have used Roon for years with no problem. In the rare instance where the remote doesn’t connect, I restart the computer and i device

thank you, dan. Yes, I rebooted, everything as recommended above. It still will not connect. It searches and searches… I placed my IP Address, nothing. I read on the Roon forum of this happening specifically with Iphone X etc posted back in June. so, perhaps it is an ongoing thing? All of my setting in the roon app accept remote devices, reinstalled the roon app on 2x iphones.

Is it the same issue with an iPad?

yes, I tried early this evening.

That’s very odd. I suggest posting your issue and it’s details in the Roon support forum. Roon will help you.

Every remote has to be connected to the core. Under “settings” “general” you need to point it at the core. When you connect it should search your network until it finds the core, which, as I understand it, is your laptop. Make sure there isn’t some firewall setting on the laptop that might prevent it from being seen by the remote.

really appreciate all the info. Tried all of it. My only guess’ may be b/c of the firewall, it is a work laptop. I will ask IT about it. Or, my phone being an OS and laptop PC…

That shouldn’t affect anything. You have something else going on. I use 4 different IOS devices and two PC’s to access ROON and none have any issues whatsoever.

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