SGCD - need to use power switch daily to get USB sync with Macbook

Recently, I moved my SGCD & m700’s to a new location, and have been using Roon from my Macbook Pro, running MacOS 10.13.6

Daily now I have to use the rear power switch to get a USB connection.

I keep the SGCD & m700’s powered and warmed up all the time (since their idle power pull is so low), and this set up had been working well in the past.

I did have the SGCD in for service last month, to have the display replaced.

Any ideas?

Before you moved the system to a new location, were you using the same Macbook Pro setup?

Yes, the same MacBook Pro.

I’ll try for a feel more days. At least I know I can power switch restart it to get the USB to work again.

Are you taking the MacBook in out of the system with the SGCD left on the whole time?

That’s a good question. I’ve noticed when I take my Macbook Pro in and out, I sometimes need to power cycle my DAC in order to initialize that handshake. If the laptop stays on and connected all of the time, it works flawlessly every time.

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