SGCD OLED display question

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I read the technical paper of SGCD and learnt that the LCD used is OLED panel, so the question is: will the panel have the burnt-in images ( or image retention) if they display for long ? the volume number can be vary since we change up to the source level, but the phase, PCM 44.1 , filter will remain unchange all time until we change it, Image rentention is the weakness by nature of current OLED tech
How about your GCD usage ? any of you encouter the image retention issue on OLED display ?
I’m breaking in the system with playin something 10 hours a day with some online radio station , something i forget to turn off the display on GCD and it is ON for a half day, just wondering any harm to it ?

I am aware of only one screen issue as covered in this thread:


Yes, I learnt my lesson from a Naim Uniti 2 some 7 years back. I left the display on for a few days during the summer, and I burnt little spots in the display. They are not nice looking. From that moment on, I dim all screens right after turning my system on. Display comes back momentarily when I touch any button on the remote control, enough for me to know what settings I need to have.

I had same experience with my first OLED display on Pioneer N70 network player( it was amazing DAC with upscale on the fly and 32 bit mode, the first ever on the market 8 years ago innovated by Pioneer ), i was on doing something and got out and paused the track , i then came back on the day after, and saw the cover art had burned in on the oled display. could not replace or send back to factory service exchange since it’s on Japan. the N70 was more than $ 4K include tax and shipping at that time. What a pity !

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Being that sensitive to screen burn says to me it is not a useful technology, I am surprised it is used at all (not just by PSA, but by anyone).
I guess selling them bankrolls the next gen of less burn-prone displays?

You shouldn’t have a problem with this particular OLED we use as it’s rated for several million hours.


I didn’t think about this issue. I don’t have a SGCD (or any DAC for that matter) but I had no idea audio equipment had OLDED displays. Thanks for the info on the issue.

Thanks Paul

The appearance of the OLED display is a part of the Stellar Gain Cell DAC I used to like a lot. You can set the brightness and also it will turn black after a while and light up as soon as you touch a control. It only won’t show you the file format or nitrate appropriately on the digital inputs.


With the main display of the SGCD being one color and the fact that the display dims automatically, I would not have any concern about burn-in.

I set it 10 seconds, sometime it works , sometime it does’nt. Not sure why

Considering that when my display blacks out, it does so entirely, with no information shown, I doubt image retention or ghosting will ever be a problem.

Well, Paul answered that this oled will not be image burning and has been tested. So this will not the case
In displays using color oled like Sony or iPhone for instant if you set the brightness high will still image for long in hours, will will see the retentioned image

Paul, what about the display of the P20?