Need a good learning remote

I’ve been looking for a learning remote that can deal with both the PS Audio style remote (is it RF?, optical?) and other remotes like my Pass. I tried a couple off Amazon, that were claimed to be universal, and while they worked for my Pass remote, none that I’ve tried so far seem to handle the PSA remote. I’m looking for something basic I can hand to visitors so they don’t have to deal with multiple remotes. Suggestions welcome.

I hope someone has a good suggestion. My bet is many run into this issue.

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I use this $10 remote with good success with my PS Audio equipment.
I assume it could learn IR codes for any other brand.


Hey, thanks!!!

This is a great remote.

I remember there was this Austrian brand that did the remotes for Lumin -worked and looked brilliantly for my application. Will check them out and see if they do universals too.

I am using a Sofabaton from Amazon. Not bad and its rf so no need to be pointing to the equipment (a good thing in my case since my equipment is behind me). Now, if i only had a volume indicator between the speakers…

I’d love to know how you got this to work with the PS Audio remote we have for the PST and DS MkII. :thinking: I keep trying and it doesn’t accept any key presses from this remote. It learned my Pass remote with no trouble.

I tried reprogramming my remote and had the same problem you did. It did even recognize the remote that came with the PST.
It took a while, but I finally figured out why I had success originally, but not now.

I got out my previous generation PS audio remote control, and it works fine with the learning remote.
I apparently used it to program the learning remote originally.

In theory it is the same signal coming out of the two remotes since they both properly control both the PST and DSDII.
I wonder what the actual differences are.
Sorry to have giving you a mediocre recommendation.

The remote on the right is the one that works.

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Thanks! I was able to get partial programming off the new remote, but it wasn’t easy. I actually thought it might be easier with the old remote, so I’ll give it a try. Thanks again!

Hmm… now all I have to do is find my old remote! :confounded:

……Ah, found it! And sure enough it’s much easier to learn from. I always liked the older remote. Thanks again @st50maint.

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