Sharing my journey of the DS MKII (surprise?)

Here my little journey with a surprise…
Have fun and a great weekend!


[From Forum Fandom to Audio Bliss… – alexreusch]


Nicely done!

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That’s cool. :sunglasses:

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Congratulations! :+1:t2:

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As a publisher I’m really impressed! It makes me think how my journalists can imagine this could change their life in future.


It will be interesting to watch this “technology” develop.

Well done.

It already can do so much stuff, including complex coding/scripting and so on… not just writing funny stories.

That is amazing. Very cool.

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It reminded me much of children stories. But can it learn audiophile tropes with flowered descriptions and rose colored glasses? If so there are many paid advertising periodicals that can fire their reviewers. When do we get the HAL version from 2001 Space Odessey a little more practical cut throat hard lined AI?


A nice little story to read in a raining morning (again). Thanks for sharing! I’m ready to warm up my Mk2 soon.

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Rain in LA again? It seems like the universe is forcing you to play the MK II (you was waiting so hard during golf sessions a few months ago). Next time pay more attention expressing desires Donald!

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I hope rain diminishes by Monday i have to spend week in San Luis Obispo for work. Driving up from LAX too. That strip of highway I endured fire in past now flood. Hopefully the softer earth will keep earthquakes in check. I remember one year living in CA I got all three.

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You may be in luck! The forecast is for scattered showers on Monday, and after that the weather should clear up. I have scheduled a few rounds of golf after next Monday so that could screw up the weather too. It seems whenever we plan a round the rain will show up.

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LA is wet, but not as wet as Northern California. It is a good thing you are not visiting SF in January this year as we had record rain after a few years of drought. It is funny some forecasts last year indicated we need a few years of wet winter to catch up.

We are catching up all in one year now, and more to come!

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May I have brought a few clouds from Milan at the time? Sorry all sunny Californians!

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Of course it’s already being abused.