Should I remove the Bridge ?

I do not use the bridge in my Mk2 as I connect a BDP-1 via an XLR cable. Does it make sense to remove the bridge? Does the bridge make any positive contribution to the PWD when nothing is plugged into it? If not, it should make sense to remove any possible negative contributions.

if not used my suggestion would be to remove it from PWD

It does make it possible for network upgrades.

@setamp I would also recommend taking out the bridge and seeing if it improves the sound. I thought that doing so improved the sound slightly when I was experimenting with USB. How does the bdp compare sound wise to the bridge? This is of great interest to me.

In my system the bdp is excellent. I am unable (so far) to set up a computer to sound as good. It’s also plug and play so I spend more time with music and less tinkering

I would say it really depends on what you wish to do with your PWD in the long run. I must say the Bridge is rather interesting if you have albums on your computer and it is connected to your network, however if you don’t use it at all, you might want to sell it and make a few dollars. It has proven to be the source of most problems with the PWD, but when it works well, it takes the PWD to another level. I had the Logitech SqueezeBox Touch and the sound from the Bridge is about 50 times better.

So, my advice is give it a try, you’ll see how cool it can be and if you don’t like it or know you won’t use it, now would be a good time to remove and sell it!

has anyone ever tried using a usb to ethernet adapter on the bridge to see if a source like the bdp can output from USB to the bridge? Maybe no data/cover art but sonic benefits perhaps?

Are you thinking the Bridge’s Digital Lens will be the source of an improvement?

nile49 said: How does the bdp compare sound wise to the bridge? This is of great interest to me.

Me, too. The Bryston unit has tempted me for quite a while.

I removed the bridge because I like USB better by far, much more stable sound. No switches involved etc. After I removed the bridge the PWD sounds better and heavier on bass. I never were this happy with the PWD. So I recomend to pull out the bridge.

My PWD came with the Bridge installed. I was not using it at the time, but want to in the future. After owning my PWD for about 6 months, it started randomly resetting itself from the USB input to the Bridge input. See my thread “PWD MKII switches to Bridge from USB.”

I had to remove the Bridge and send it to PS Audio. So far they have not been able to reproduce the problem and still have it. With the Bridge removed my PWD now works flawlessly and remains on the USB input. With the Bridge removed I have not noticed any change in sound, and to my ears sounds wonderful via USB from a 2012 MacMini with external hard drive storing my music liibrary with the latest Audirvana player. My only issue now is that I have to cover the opening in the back with masking tape until PS Audio resolves my problem. :-?


The 2012 mac mini has USB3. Is your harddrive USB3 also?

I have the 2011 I7 server version with USB2 and used it for a while with external drives untill I noticed a diverence with music files played from the internal drive. Have you compared if there’s a diverence with your external and internal drive. By the way the server has 2 internal drives from which I replaced the one with mounten lion for a solid state drive.

Probably when the bridge’s firmware is only handeling wave files and become slave just like the USB and other input’s. Maybe than it will be a step in the right direction. But for now I like the USB better.


I have not used the internal drive of my Mac Mini for music storage as recommended on the PM website. My external drives are seagate USB 3.0. I now use the Thunderbolt connection between my external drive that stores my music library to my Mac Mini and USB 3.0 to back up my music library on my second backup external drive. My USB connection between my Mac Mini and PWD is a 1.5 meter of Audioquest Carbon which is unshared. I currently use Audirvana as my player, but will try Fidelia as recommended by someone else that posts on this forum once I get the time. One day I hope to try the Bridge once PS Audio figures out what is causing my problem.


I have not used the internal drive of my Mac Mini for music storage as recommended on the PM website.

With thunderbold and USB3 you are probably fine. Internal hardrives can be used just fine, but it's not recommended when mountain lion or windows is using the same drive.
I have the audioquest coffee USB also 1,5M and I use Itunes with Amarra. If you have a chance try Amarra also it's free for the first two weeks. I hope you get your bridge soon!

Something called “Bus Contention” might be an issue, but not proven according to a highly revered Mac tech tech that I consulted.

I do not have enough memory in my SSD MacMini to store my entire music cllection via AIFF, so that’s the reason for not comparing them in my present setup.

Before I bought my MacMini for a dedicated computer for my audio system, I used my old MacBook which sounded good with my music files stored internally. I could not tell any difference in sound between external vs internal HD with the MacBook, but made other changes during that time so it was hard to know, if indeed, there were any improvements with one over the other.

Once I have time I will try other Mac players. Time is a precious commode indeed as I have found.