P20 and monoblock amps - same HC outlet?

Anyone with monos ever try to see if there’s any difference if they’re plugged into the same HC zone outlet, versus plugging one amp into one of the HC zones and the second into the other?


There’s no difference.


Thanks. I figured you’d have tried it. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I too haven’t noticed a difference . . . but I leave them both into the same outlets as then I can turn them both off with one touch.

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I was wondering about something similar— same question, but about a P10.

Currently, I have my monos plugged into separate banks, and have plugged a PSA thingy with the blinking blue light into each of the open sockets for good measure.

Might switch it up this weekend…

Also have enough time on the new-to-me P10, such that I am ready to retry the monos direct to the wall and do some comparative listening.