Should the Axpona Sale be extended?

I purchased two P.S. Audio items this month. With the turbulent times we are in I will need to see the status of my income. I am interested in getting additional product but need more time to make my decision.

Is anyone else in a similar situation, if you had more time perhaps you would be purchasing more this coming month?


There are talks of us extending it, but certainly no promises. If it’s not, always feel free to give us a call and we’ll do our best to extend it for you.


How about an extra discount on the speakers when they arrive? Like the first 45 days of release or something?

Not a bad idea. Thanks for suggesting it.

I am a friend of Bascom and live in Ventura. I would like to Thank You for all the thoughtful posts you write. I feel as if we are in tune with each other when I read your thoughts.