Show Us Your Disc Player

I am saving my pennies for the Bricasti M19 to go with the M21 DAC…


I had the first version of the player and those issues. Yamaha replaced it kindly with a newer version that was without those issues. No problems since.

I have a Yamaha CD-S2100 SACD and love it. It is a very large, very heavy unit though.


yeah, i think i kinda like that in a disc spinner :+1:

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An oldy but goody.

Mint JVC XL-Z411. Sounds great on its own, but sound a bit better going through the Auralic Altair G1’s DAC.

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For me one of the most iconic players and a real game changer. Along with the Philips CD 100. My beloved CDP-101 in near mint condition from ˋ83. This one must have been sitting in the box for most of the 41 years. Just using it from time to time to keep it fresh and check especially the mechanics.