Let it Snow!

Took this picture 8 years ago tomorrow 8ft of lake effect snow fell
Current forecast is for 6ft of lake effect snow beginning tonight thru Saturday morning

Life in Buffalo…



I have some friends in your area. Their biggest complaint about snow is that teenagers don’t seem interested in making money shoveling like we did when we were kids.


I believe that!
The Buffalo Bills are offering $25 an hour, plus food and game tickets for Sunday’s game and can’t get people to shovel the stands at the stadium

I bought my first gear with snow shoveling cash at $5 per driveway


This is what a lake effect snow event in Buffalo looks like


Wow. That is allot of snow.

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No one should doubt global warming when they see lake effect snow of this magnitude. Warmer lake then ever before + cold air = blizzard.


Bills game just got moved to Detroit, yikes (the shoveler shortage strikes : )

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Stay safe. This is serious stuff at this scale.

Guessing there’s a shortage of Mickey’s already.

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“Shoveling off to Buffalo”


That is legit the first time I’ve heard that🙂

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I won’t be shuffling off to Buffalo any time soon.
Safer in NJ

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Come on up, we’ve got:
Debilitating winter storms, devastating Bills loses (4 straight super bowl losses, wide right, home run throwback, 13 seconds…) love canal, Bethlehem Steel closure, oh don’t forget the Sabres (in the crease)

I’ve live in Boston, Northern Va, and Florida and I always return to Buffalo!
It’s home and has some of the most wonderful people in the world and a fortitude and resiliency that is hard to describe

Plus we got:
HRS, JPS Labs, Belles, CAT, Bluebird Audio Distribution, Bench Mark and 4 or 5 great audio shops in Western NY


Sabres are on the rise. Couple more years…

That hurts deeply🙂

And some of the best Italian food anywhere!

…I’ve never lived there, don’t want to (no offense), but visiting there has always been great!

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I mean, they’re in a killer division, with 4 of the top 8 teams in the league, IMO. Were they in the West, they’d make the playoffs this year I bet, and maybe win a round.

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Sinatras & Giancarlo’s being my personal favorites

Was at Ford field the last time they moved the game. Free tickets and the place was still 90% empty.

Whew, quite a storm, even for Buffalo standards!

77” official at my house, more in other locations
Sunny and clear this morning, system sounding good, all the talk about dac’s lately I haven’t taken the dac out of standby for 4 days, all vinyl🙂


I’ve been thinking about how you’re doing with this crazy snowfall.
Do Buffalo building codes accommodate the weight of snow on rooftops?
And is that a Kuzma 4 point?