Shunyata Sigma V2

I see that a lot of you are using shunyata sigma nr power cables feeding your power plants. Has anyone tried the V2 version? Just trying to figure out if the price delta is worth it to go with the v2 model.

I’m using a Denali V2, and not a power plant, but I can tell you there are some notable differences from the NR V1 which cut both ways. V2 has substantially more speed and power, a little bit more noise reduction, and better low level resolution. It is also brighter and takes a longer time to settle. That is the tricky thing, these have a silver core, and if you’ve ever used silver, esp in any kind of power or DC cables, they can add a bright sheen that doesn’t exactly mellow.

If you were feeling your system borders on harsh and bright, or overly punchy/fast, you’d be fine with V1. In fact, the difference isn’t enormous. But if if you need more speed, more power (esp in the lows), articulation, and more zing, then the V2s will definitely be an improvement.

Having had a P15 with Alpha NRs for a while, I feel like this generalization about the V2s will apply to a power plant situation as well.

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