Shunyata Sigma V2

I see that a lot of you are using shunyata sigma nr power cables feeding your power plants. Has anyone tried the V2 version? Just trying to figure out if the price delta is worth it to go with the v2 model.

I’m using a Denali V2, and not a power plant, but I can tell you there are some notable differences from the NR V1 which cut both ways. V2 has substantially more speed and power, a little bit more noise reduction, and better low level resolution. It is also brighter and takes a longer time to settle. That is the tricky thing, these have a silver core, and if you’ve ever used silver, esp in any kind of power or DC cables, they can add a bright sheen that doesn’t exactly mellow.

If you were feeling your system borders on harsh and bright, or overly punchy/fast, you’d be fine with V1. In fact, the difference isn’t enormous. But if if you need more speed, more power (esp in the lows), articulation, and more zing, then the V2s will definitely be an improvement.

Having had a P15 with Alpha NRs for a while, I feel like this generalization about the V2s will apply to a power plant situation as well.


Goblue, I was using a Shunyata Research Sigma NR V1 power cable with my P20 with good results. I have recently sold the p20 and have replaced it a Shunyata Research Everest that will be here next week, I also ordered a Sigma XC V2 power cord for it. I would highly recommend any of the SR v2 power cables they a significant upgrade from the v1’s.

Mr Fishdude
Big Shunyata fanboy here: How do you know that the V2’s are a significant upgrade?
(please don’t make me sell all my Sigma V1’s and upgrade.)


It took a major leap of faith and cash to convert all my power cords to Shunyata
Alpha and Sigma (gulp) on the P20. No regrets. Please leave me in peace.


All my new power cables are from another manufacturer and are so costly they make the V2 Sigmas seem inexpensive. I am expecting a very very very obvious audible improvement and quite possibly a functional penis.

(I’d settle for the audible improvement)

I dare to dream.


I had a PSA regenerator when I had audio with regular transformers. For the last 5 years I’ve has an audio system that is powered by a switch mode power supply with a substantial planar transformer. This made the PSA regenerator redundant, as the power supply is indifferent to noise, peaks, voltage swings, and can be plugged in anywhere in the world with any power supply. As the regenerator ceased to have any impact on sound quality, I sold it.

Against all reason, based on two recommendations (a review and my dealer), I tried a Shunyata Delta NR on a home trial. There did seem to be a marginal improvement compared to the stock cable that came with the audio system (an Audioquest NRG). So I went crazy and bought a Shunyata Venom and three Delta cables.

I am happy with things as they are and have no desire even to consider a replacement. I’ve been on the phone to my dealer this week and he’s not said anything. He’s lending me a pair of speakers for home demo and my wife’s picking them up tomorrow as she has to go to a shop a few doors away to return something. Getting the wife to pick up audio equipment is a result in my book.

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You, sir, are a funny man.

“wife to pick up audio equipment”?
If I could only get my girlfriend to pick up a check…


Love does miracles!

Ron, Big Shunyata guy too. I have had the Alpha and Sigma V1’s in my system for about two years with very good results. I really didn’t feel the need to upgrade them to the V2’s until I starting hearing such great reviews on the new series. So I decided to order Delta’s, Alpha’s and Sigma’s. The delta’s NR replaced the Venoms on my Oppo 205 and Panasonic 9000, the Alpha V2’s NR replaced V1’s NR on my McIntosh MX170 processor and C53 preamplifier, I have replaced two of the three Sigma v1’s NR to the new V2’s on my McIntosh amps. My latest upgrade is a Everest which recently replaced my P20 and I have a Sigma V2 XC coming in within the next week. I think what makes the V2 a significant upgrade over the v1’s is the have added a silver core. These cables are extremely fast, what caught my attention was how much wider and taller the soundstage became and the bass is much more articulate I can here each octave more distinctly. Voices are more layered and instruments are more lifelike. If you have the opportunity to try the new V2’s out you won’t be disappointed. One thing I noticed was it took a couple hundred hours for power cables to do there magic, the sounded good right out of the box, but over time they just get better.


What a horrible post to read. :frowning:
(If you own V1’s )
(As I do)


Why not wait for the even more super duper V3s?


Yeah! I will hop in when they are at level 16… :partying_face:


Or sign up for a suscription plan with automatic renewal as new versions are released. The que is out the door, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I almost bought a Shunyata Sigma V2 power cord with 20 amp IEC for my P20, and from everyone’s reaction that has one, maybe I should have bought one. I don’t know if the Shunyata is much better than the WW Platinum Electra 7 I’m using now, but I got a good deal on a SR Galileo UEF 20amp IEC power cord and bought one. It’s coming in a few days so I can report when I get it. I know the SR cost a bit more, and the P 20 is sounding so good, I don’t think a better cord can improve it further. We will see.

I know at least Al @aangen will understand about expensive curiosity. I wanted to know, so I borrowed, then bought immediately, a Shunyata Alpha XC V2 C19 and plugged it into the 20 amp connection of my P20, replacing a Sigma NR.
I won’t bore you trying to sound like a reviewer, but it’s better in every way. Very easy to hear better.
Somebody please take my credit cards away from me.


I am erasing this post from my memory.


Yup. If I even consider the V1/V2 challenge, a V3 will be released the day I take the
V2 plunge.

My ability to read has vanished.