Sippin' tequila

I’ve always liked Patron Silver even though it gets a lot of flak for being overpriced given the quality? IDK, I really like it. The other day they had a tequila tasting station at the local Liquor Outlet and I was able to try a couple in the $150-$190 per bottle range and I can’t say they were any better. Today I picked up a bottle of Siete Leguas blanco which was about $6 cheaper than the Patron and I have to say it’s probably at least equal if not a tad smoother. My bargain bin choices in the past have been El Jimador and Espolon. Anybody have a favorite they’d like to share that would compare to Patron but maybe a little less $$$? I tend to prefer blancos and am usually not interested in spending more than $50 as it’s usually gone in 3 days :^ /

1800 blanco and reposado. Both are excellent for the $$. Costco has the 1.75 liter sometimes for the mid $40’s, and that’s with $10 in taxes included.

One of my favorites is Classe Azul. More expensive than Patron and tastes better in my opinion. When you finish the bottle, you also have a pretty vase to use for flowers.

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So in 3 days I’d have a vase…cool!