We also like Whisk(e)y

Two Scotch (Lowland, Speyside), an Irish and a bourbon from Texas, not Kentucky!
My current favorite selection…much recommended!

Hmmm, the Glen Keith 21 years is out of my price league…
How about Balvenie and Aberlour, just to name two of my affordable favorites?

Yes they are all in the 150$ range (currency differences ignored), the Auchentoshan 21 mostly more expensive as it’s not made anymore, the bourbon around 130$ overseas.

I have no broad overview myself, but this is a recommended list I once got for my taste for a more affordable price range:

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Think I’m a Dutch cheapskate… Aberlour and Balvenie 12 years are priced around 45 euro and even 35 euro as special offers.
But hey, I you own a P20, a PST and a DSD Mk2 (on order), you have to be a bit careful with your money…

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If a bottle lasts a year (just theoretically), the more expensive ones are not quite the price of a fuse per year :wink:

That Glen Keith looks interesting. A Talisker 10 fan here, for a more frequent pour. A Talisker 18 for special occasions. Don’t partake frequently so a bottle typically lasts two or more years.

Yes, my last bottle of the Auchentoshan lasted also 2 years and I didn’t largely drink others, but also didn’t have many guests for it.

Really all 4 are.very interesting, could hardly name a favorite. Don’t know Talisker yet, but should.

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For Whisky-sippin’ Front Rangers, there is The Schoolhouse in Arvada.

Quite the selection:

Interesting page from the menu:


Oh, yeah … .

Visited our local speakeasy / craft cocktail bar in Fort Collins (Social) over the holidays . . . :laughing:

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Great! If anyone else has similar whisky taste overviews, please let them come…