Small power conditioner for BHK 250

My BHK 250 sits between my speakers, with the audio rack on the left wall. The BHK 250 (like the rest of my system) is plugged into a P12 which occupies the lowest shelf of the rack. I’m planning to upgrade all my power cords. It so happens that there is an electrical outlet directly behind the 250. Using that outlet would save me money on a long power cord and also make it easier to keep the power cord away from the interconnects and speaker cables running from the left wall.

Is anyone familiar with a unit that would provide surge protection and some power conditioning that would work well with the 250? It needs to be physically small; I could buy another P 12, but there’s no space for it.

Don’t know what you consider small but either the iFi Power Station which would sit sideways behind your rack or this unit from Audio Envy which incorporates a circuit breaker.

I use a P20 for all my components except for amplifiers. I prefer to use a zero surge for amps. Thanks

Thanks. The iFi unit certainly could work; it’s fairly unobtrusive even though it has more outlets than I need. The Okto looks clunky in the photos, but they do not give actual dimensions (which is a bit unusual).

It seems like somebody would make a small unit (maybe two outlets) for use in situations where one component, often an amp, sits in a separate location from the rest of the system.

Thank you! I had not heard of zero surge before, and it’s the kind of thing I had in mind.

Also look at SurgeX similar tech to Zero Surge and available on Amazon with return policy. On the Audio Envy unit just send Cap an e-mail and he will get you the dimensions. Agree it’s hard to tell from the photo. I’ve used the iFi for over two years on the system in the Greenville house and it does it’s job and is completely out of sight behind the rack.

Depending on your space limitations and budget, something from Audience Adept Response might work for you.

FYI/For example:

Audience Adept Response - aR2

Why don’t you go straight to the wall with your amp?

Thanks to @dawkinsj and @scotte1 for two more brands I was not familiar with – will check them out.

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Maybe I’m overly cautious, but I do like some surge protection when I plug in expensive components. :sunglasses:

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I had to face your same situation and I decided going straight to the wall after a few tests with my amp. Here in Europe we have breakers inside the circuit main panels or fuses (UK) able to provide protection. There are also high quality (audiophile?) breakers.

If the goal is surge protection you can choose a specific product for that purpose, maybe these units have a smaller form factor. They don’t interfere with dynamics, they don’t alter the quality of the current.

Usually regenerators/conditioners provide ALSO surge protection but they are intended for other goals, better sine wave, stability of the loading current voltage, common mode rejection, DC blocking etc etc. I think that a quality unit usually needs a larger chassis in that case. Like P12/P15/P20.

The latter also needs a second cable, often of a good quality itself, increasing the investment required.

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What about either of the following

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Yes, those look interesting!