Is there consensus? P3 to BKH250 or.... to all the sources?

I have a dedicated circuit for my audio system but had to separate the power amp (PS Audio BHK250) from my source components (PS Audio Directstream DAC to Klyne preamp; also have a CD transport and a tuner and ProJect TT). So the BKH is plugged into its own wall outlet while the source components are plugged into a separate outlet a few feet away, but same circuit.

So, assuming the Stellar P3 would be capable of use with the BHK250, what would be the best use of the P3 – feeding the BHK or instead supplying power to all the other components?

Cop out answer: Try it both ways and pick the one that sounds best to you.

Alternate : BHK + source you listen to most often so long as the combined draw does not exceed 300VA,


Leave it the way you have it.

No harm in trying multiple configurations. Find a few tracks that you really like and use them for your testing. I would also consider doing all of your testing at the same same time of day. In some areas power is “quieter” at night.

Above all else, have fun!

A BHK 250 will eat a Stellar P3 up. The P3 is only rated for 300VA continuous, the BHK 250 draws 175 watts at idle and 850 watts at rated power into 8 ohms. You can try it and see if it shuts down.

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Agree with above. I would use the P3 with all your source components only. I have done that over the years. I got on this merry-go-round with the original P300 over twenty years ago. Only used it for source components. I would anticipate you will hear a noticeable difference.

Ultimately you may want to consider a second larger PowerPlant for the BHK 250.

I have my BHK 300’s plugged into a P20 and all my source equipment plugged into a P15 on its own separate dedicated 20A circuit.

I have a P3, BHK250, day & BHK pre. I found the P3 to very beneficially affect all front end components ( BHK preamp, RCM Sensor phono stage, Luxman D-08u.) It improved the sound of my preamps so much I’d consider the P3 essential (I also use a DeHavilland Ultra Verve from time to time.) The P3 doesn’t provide adequate power for the amplifier, you need a larger capacity regenerator. I prefer the amp plugged directly into the wall as I found the BHK 250 to sound constrained and lacking dynamics when plugged into the non-regenerated outlets of the P3.


Depending on your speakers and the level you like to listen at, a P3 can power a BHK250. In most cases, the 250 does over power it but like I said, it can. Like others have mentioned, try it in both configs. My guess is you’ll like the sound better with the P3 powering your source gear though.

I have a P3 behind my M1200s. It also powers two big REL S/812subs. How am I doin over here? I have a P12 that is full as well.

If the Output indicator light is always blue then you’re off to the races. If it’s only sometimes turning orange, then you’re still fine. Red? not so good.

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Thanks, sir! It’s oddly positioned and doesn’t face me. I’ll see if I can’t catch a glimpse.


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I want to thank everyone for feedback. I forgot to mention that I, too, had an old P300 before updating to the P3. In general, I support the “try it both ways and see,” but I’m also lazy and have a very tricky rack for the source components that makes changing anything a big pain (part of the household agreements re stereo). I take the points about the potential limitations in using a P3 for the BHK, which is why I haven’t previously considered using it that way. I do appreciate all the notes and you taking time to send them to me.

I also have (a) dedicated line(s) and own the Stellar P3. At first, I connected only sources and LPS’s into it (a Naim ND5 XS2, Naim HiCap DR, DSpeaker Anti-Mode Dual Core 2.0, Clearaudio Concept TT and linear power supplies for powering the streamer, bass management, TT and my Chord Qutest DAC).
It didn’t seem to break a sweat, so I added a Topaz 500vA Isolated Transformer and a B&K 1604A into it. Again, blue lights and not much extra draw. So finally I tested the waters and tried adding my Naim SuperNait 2 to the last available outlet. That was nine months ago and I have yet to have it even go orange for a period; and I listen to music at pretty average to above average volumes on the Integrated’s dial. Each bank is on REGEN mode as well, which shocks me somewhat.
It paid for me to try both ways and see, so to speak. I’m glad I did, as if you can get away with it, the benefits are not subtle at all. This is the longest I’ve left my system alone based upon its own merits for as long as I can remember; I have absolutely no itch to upgrade or try something else out, whether that means switching a component or adding to the system to see if it benefits. That last experiment really put things right sound-wise. It is as balanced as I’ve had it, even going from memory against some pretty insane (for me) other systems I’ve owned (price- or design-wise). The bass foundation, dead silence and utter holography when the recording calls for it is staggering.
Just try to see if your P3 can handle to BKH. I honestly didn’t think it could even handle the SuperNait 2 but it has without issue. I was afraid it would constrict the sound and lose dynamics as it has been suggested, but boy is that not the case at all. Let us know how it goes.

thanks a lot jsawyer09. Your experience makes me wish I had the sources closer to the amp. Maybe I’ll try a long extension cord, but you know what everyone would say… the “utility” power cord would likely rub out the benefits of the P3… still, you make me wonder!

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It’s hard to say from the published specs what the 250 pulls at idle and at low to medium volume.
The specs say 75 “ready” , 175watts at “idle” and 800 watts at 8ohms. But for some reason they combine the BHK 250 and BHK 300 specs together and those numbers are very likely for the 300’s.
Early on, Bascom said the amps leave class A around 1 watt so 175 at idle for the 250 doesn’t make sense. Hopefully, someone like James will correct me if I’m wrong.
All that said, I would try the 250 into the P3. Couldn’t hurt.
And my opinion, if it matters, of an extension cord would be like standing on grandma’s air hose in her hospital room.


I have music playing in the background most days while I work. Right now, BHK pre, DSJ, and 250 are plugged into the P15. Playing at very modest levels, P15 says I’m only pulling 223-230 watts. Sure, 250 into a P3 could be an issue, in most setups, it’ll be just fine.

heh… just as I expected… .but not wrong!

thanks for those details, jamesh

If you have not purchased a P3 already, I would save up to get a P12 instead. My brother has a BHK250 and he plugs everything into his P12 on a dedicated circuit, even the TV. It improves the picture on the TV as well. He tried plugging the BHK250 into the wall on a different circuit by itself, and it definitely sounds better plugged together with everything else on the P12. In fact, contrary to what you might think, the amp sounds even more dynamic and better presence plugged into the P12.


I’m just curious. Why not plug everything into the P20? Did you run out of outlets or is there some sonic benefit to splitting the gear between both a P20 and a P15?