Smart and/or Wireless Speakers: What Brand of Do You Use In the Kitchen, Garage, Shop, Greenhouse, Office, Bedroom, Bathroom, Outside

  • Amazon (Alexa, Echo, other)
  • Apple (HomePod, other)
  • Bluesound
  • Bowers & Wilkins
  • Google (Home, Nest, other)
  • HEOS
  • JBL
  • KEF
  • McIntosh
  • Naim
  • Sonos
  • UE (Logitech)
  • Yamaha
  • Other Smart or Wireless Speaker Brand
  • Conventional System (passive speakers, amp, in-wall, other setup)
  • None

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Just a thought… if the purpose of the survey is to get a sense of the spectrum of smart and/or wireless speakers forum members are using (that was my understanding from the title), I suggest removing the “Conventional System” option as it is neither and a “None” option is already available. Not trying to be pedantic with this comment, but it’ll make the distribution percentages more meaningful.

i’m a sucker for Polk Hampdens. I snap em up off ebay/craigslist and i think i have five pair. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Nice looking little speakers

Those look great.

Are they designed to work as a pair or can a single speaker be used stand-alone?

designed as a stereo pair. I suppose you could just use the main speaker, but I think you’d lose the left channel. Haven’t tried it.

Slightly surprised none of us are using one of the Bowers & Wilkins products.

Love my KEF LS50 II bookshelves in my bedroom. Very good sound and wireless plus Roon endpoint.

I skewed the results a bit as I have a Homepod, Sonos Move, KEF LS50W, and NAIM Mu-so. These are spread across two homes so it’s not as insane as it appears.

Well that’s a nice variety. The NAIM Mu-so sure looked like a nice product.

I’ve had it only a week but it is quite good already. Audio Advisor has them on sale at 20% off.

Whole home music system: I use SVS Prime Wireless with the SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapters to Golden Ear subwoofers in the kitchen and bathroom. Plus, I have three Prime Wireless SoundBase Amps I use with my two-channel setups in the living room, bedroom, and back porch.

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I love my Peachtree Deep Blue 3, but they sadly have discontinued this. Bluesound bought Peachtree I think and they have a much more expensive version that probably sounds great too. The Deep Blue 3 has surprisingly great bass and clean clear mids and highs too and plays loud! Plug in to AC only no battery option which is what I wanted anyway.

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Love my Sonus Arc w/ 85in Flat Screen and linear fireplace.


I should have included deepblue by Peachtree in the choices because I recommended v2 and v3 to friends, both of whom bough them and still use them today. Embarrassing omission.

Really good sounding speakers!

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So is the Arc connected the the TV via HDMI or Toslink or via a Sonos wireless framework?

Leave it to this crowd to completely dismiss Bose, unless of course they’re hiding it under “Other.”

Bose is sooo for the great unwashed…

I don’t think they got bought out so much as formed a partnership in the streaming space. Peachtree was trying to build a streaming card for their systems and after wrestling with it for way longer than promised, dropped the effort and started offering node 2 bundles instead because…well, basically because software is hard, and BluOS makes good software.


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Sonos, Sonos, Sonos, and more Sonos.

This doesn’t show the two rear speakers for the basement Beam, the extra Roam I haven’t opened yet, the extra One I got on the refurb sale, or the Blue Note one I boxed up. Nor the three Play:Ones I sent to a friend to get him started.

And despite the Apple Music icons, I mostly play from a local library. The streaming is only from voice control use.

In my defense, I’ve been with them for many, many years.