Smitten With The Magnepan LRS

I was this many years old when i learned of this unit (guessing it’s defunct, but still)

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Does anyone have any experience hooking up a Wadia amp with a maggie? For example, the Wadia a315 puts 150 watts into 8 ohms and 250 into 4. Its wide band damping factor is 320 for 8 ohms and 160 into 4. On the surface, it looks like it could be a good fit - high current, large damping. Am I reading this right?

I’m new to the Maggie world, arriving only 6 months ago. Numerous YouTube videos and print reviews left me with the impression that it’s very difficult to find an amp capable of getting the best out of Magnepans. In a very recent @Paul Ask Paul video, he said that in his long experience with Magnepans, that they are some of the easiest speakers to amp match.

Perhaps it’s best to not build too many sand castles devoted to the concern of the perfect matching amp. Just get in the basic neighborhood, which certainly Wadia must be, and let it fly.

As a follow up on Upscale. Once upon a time they would negotiate on price. In recent dealings with them it seems they prefer to stay out of competitive pricing. Their business is roaring along, so why bother? All else being equal, Music Direct, Underwood, and HiFi Heaven remain the places to bargain.

I spent about an hour on the phone with one of their sales people last week, talking about a possible Aurender N100H purchase. He wouldn’t budge on its price, but intimated that they might be flexible on other, unnamed, lines. He also said that if I bought the Aurender, I’d be entitled to their 20% accessory discount program for established customers, which includes…wait for it…cables!

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@Craig_Burgess HiFi Heaven and Underwood are AGGRESSIVE with their willingness to reduce prices. HiFi Heaven offered me a huge trade in value towards a purchase, way more than anyone else. Underwood destroyed the competition with a non trade in new price. And Music Direct, unless otherwise noted, will knock off 10%.

Upscale told me they don’t price match or discount because it creates ill feelings between dealers and a poor customer experience. What a bunch of baloney! As a customer, I sure am more happy when I overpay :joy:

Also, I asked about the Pathos or Primalina pairing with the LRS a couple of months ago and they said it would be fantastic. Asked again yesterday and they said it wouldn’t be so great and steered me elsewhere. Same salesman.